Colorado SNOW OR SHINE photoshoot


Better than my ODST!

Don't worry about being perfect to a T, My first spartan is by no means perfect, and neither will my second spartan. The primary purpose that I find when building my armor, is to give me something fun to do that I can look forward to working on every weekend, finding new challenges or techniques to try out. Sure in a sense we all wanna get that perfect armor, but at the end of the day, you have a pretty bad*ss Set of armor not many other people have AND you made it all with your own hands and skills.

Don't throw yourself down because you haven't made it into the top tier costume levels. Keep your chin up because you're taking the time to do something you enjoy and make something not many other people are willing to make for themselves.

I'm excited to see you and your awesome armor at the photoshoot!
I appreciate it. Just like most I am my own hard critic. When things don’t turn out how I see it in my head, I don’t give credit due for the work I put in. I did have fun making what I have so far though. I’m still going to make adjustments and changes on what I can. Its not a loss by any means. Just learning and getting better. Thanks again for the reassurance and supportive words MDB. I’ll be getting better and better the more I do.
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I’m going to be entirely honest. I’m not happy with what I’ve done and wish I had eyeballed everything better as it was coming along. I did my fitment last night. My shoulders are wrong and are too small, the belt isn’t staying up where it needs to be, and my boot covers are far too big. Bicep armor is also too thick and too high up the arm. Ugh...thought I was almost done. Can’t believe I painted this and just now seeing all of this..Can you tell that I’m a noob at this yet? Lol View attachment 303648
The only thing that looks remotely okay to me is a profile view up close of the face area lol
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Looks great!!! Can’t wait to see it in person!


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Here's just a couple pics from all the ones my roommate snagged yesterday! A couple highlights to share for now until ZeroSerenity shares his ;) Looking forward to seeing how they come out!