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Completely New Here with my First build.

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by PHCosplay, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Dirtdives


    Agreed. Use this as a stepping stone to gain experience. Build upon what you have already done. I built the same DFT ODST for my daughter and I'm planing to build one for my son but this time I'm using Andrew's templates of different ab, shin, and hips.....I do like the chest piece, shoulders and gauntlets of the style you build. Don't be discouraged about your battle damage. It happens. Use what you have learned and continue.
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  2. PaiganBoi


    To quote a line from Galaxy Quest " Never give up! Never surrender!"
    Just like everyone who has commented to continue on, I too am doing the same. You finished a suit. You are not satisfied with. That is normal. Comparing your suit to others just does you a disservice. There are a lot of veteran builders here who have made a few suits and have improved their skills in the process. There are those who are first time builders as well but, if you look through the threads they post, they post about all the mistakes that are made and what they did to get to a more satisfying result.
    I too am in the process in building my first suit. I went with ODST as well. I didn't go with AndrewDFT's template. Instead I chose to use the ones that were uploaded to the Armory here on the site. I went this route because I wanted the challenge. Boy has it been a challenge. Most of the bits are much more complicated since its a Pep file converted to be used for a foam build.
    Check my thread out if you wish.
    My first Build - ODST foam
    I have made many mistakes and had to rebuild one of my shin guards. Then I made more errors that I have to go back and fix.
    When I finally finish this suit guess what I plan to do? I am going to build another suit for a friend.
    Soooooo.... that is my two cents.
    Thank you for reading. (y)
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  3. Elcorio

    Elcorio New Member

    If I could inject just one piece of advice as a rookie in training...............when trying to make bevel cuts, or cuts with a curve to it, use a piece of scrap first to practice on. If your blades even sticks slightly, change it or sharpen it. I tend to follow what all the pro's have said here already. I usually pass my blade over a sharpener before ANY cut and then will do it again mid way through depending on the size of the piece.

    Please don't give up though, my very first DFT helmet looked just like yours and within a few months, my new one doesn't even look the same and is light years better in build. Just keep at it, you will only get better.

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