Coreforges MKVI Gen2 Build


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So I have been reading on the forums and making my own build for some time now and decided to start my own Thread. I started this build about a year ago and so far have made the helmet, the chestpiece, shins and thights. Helmet is fiberglass and the rest is foam, although I may 3d print some small detailed parts. I'm also planning on adding a HUD to the Helmet and it kinda works so far with my phone as a display. I might replace it with a 5.5" display and a raspberry pi, but I will see how it goes. So anyway, here are some pics:

The shins have to be painted and sealed


Same for the thights

Front view


and back view of the chest piece


and the thrusters. I still have to attach these.


Here's the (way oversized) Helmet


and a detailed view of how the HUD is gonna work. It does work, but I have to add optics so you don't have to focus onto a screen 10cm away. Also, sorry for the bad image quality, my phone camera sucks.


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I made one of the forearms and started with the gloves. I will be making most of the glove out of thin eva foam and the fingers most likely out of fabric. I also have to figure out how to hold the gloves closed. I was thinking about some kind of elastic behind the seam and some magnets to close it up completely. I'd like to hear if anyone has other ideas though.