H2A ODST Planning/Build

Lieutenant Jaku

Sr Member
So as the title says I'm planning to make an H2A ODST, so step 1 gathering reference, you'll notice most of these photos are of the back because that's what seemed to be missing online. I'm planning to do foam but seeing as I don't own a printer it may be a while before I actually start building, but I will start finding some buckle files and other things to 3d print in the meantime.
343 image:
game screencaps:
Oooh a halo 2 ODST! This is exciting! Will you be doing the helmet out of foam too?
This will look really cool, always had a soft spot for the H2 ODST design! I made a suit out of foam; the back and shoulders are easy enough to freehand but the collar and the proportions of it was the tricky part. I used unfolded pep files found here Pepakura - H2A ODST Cosplay and picked and chose pieces that would translate well into foam. Good luck!

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