Cortana's New Look, With Other Halo 4 News


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a crying shame that i missed this mag. might have been worth a read of the article. i think the elites do look badarse, and i know i'm gonna be shot down for saying it, but i like cortana looking just that little bit older. she kinda looked late teeny in the original release back when i was 21, and has changed vastly since then in every iteration of the halo games. now 10 years on i like that she's aged with me. ironically, she's the only one that technically shouldn't be aging :D ...
I agree about Cortana. As she's integrating more and more data (into herself) she ought to become more and more realistic. The new Cortana looks sexy, just a little cute, and I can't wait to hear some of her sassy remarks. I also love the hair, but I can understand how it would bother some people.

On a side note, they ruined recon again.....ah well.
In any case, building most of this stuff seems like it will be next to impossible.
Exactly what I was thinking! Like, that weird coloured undersuit they've got going on there, that seems like it'd pretty difficult to make by hand.

Also, half of the helmets don't even have visors, and the ones that do aren't even at eye-level! Maybe humans have evolved into crazy freaks with their eyes all in different locations, or maybe they use psychic powers to get around. (striking scorpions)

I just don't like it, though I might have to get used to it...

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It's not impossible... it's a challenge!

Oh, and does anyone else look at the Oceanic and think immediately of a Big Daddy?

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I think those armors look very Halo. They took the Mk VI armors and advanced them slightly with a nice little infusion of some of the Covenant lines. It is similar to the differences between the Reach armors and the Halo 3 armors. I actually enjoy the old designs seen in a new light, such as with the EOD and Recruit armors. Personally, I cannot wait for some of these pep files to be created. One of my friends, who is looking at getting me to make her a Hayabusa is equally enthusiastic about getting a Raider sometime down the line for the same reason... the Samurai-style lines and profile.


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Oh, and does anyone else look at the Oceanic and think immediately of a Big Daddy?
Ha! That's exactly what I thought when I saw that too. I showed it to my wife and said, "There's already a heavy Mass Effect influence with these armors; are we bringing Bioshock into this now too?"

I will admit that there are a few armor styles and helmets that look decent (and those will probably be the ones I use in MP), but for the most part, it's going to be difficult to get used to. However, with a new company comes new styles. 343 has to do something to set themselves apart from Bungie. I just wish it wasn't so dramatic.


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From a creative standpoint, 343i did an excellent job in bringing their teams and resources together to make some pretty sweet armor customization options. And while alot of us aren't to fond of the helmets that were designed, you may just have to agree that the other components look pretty friggin' sweet. And If you take a close look at that Mk VI, the handplates mimic the original Bungie design.

And you all realize that the plethora of visor color options may have just been a response to the fans of Reach wanting more than just silver, blue, default, gold, and black.

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i like a lot of the armor so far but yeah they do all look the same :/
anyone else think that the War Master helmet looks like the predator mask?
sorry if someone already said that, i didnt see it

Croc co

I think "Space CoD" would be more appropriate.
If ANYONE merges cod with halo I will burn them like the vermin they are ( cause like getting shot once with one bullet to the stomach kills you?) but seriously I love the new officer elite ( watch spartan ops trailer you'll just see him)


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I personally think the suits look fantastic, although I think 343 should personally give us detailed instructions on how to make these visors work! Lol also, the infiltrator looks like he has a bunch or little gun barrels coming out of the helmet


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plus i want to know what the didict is doing?
well the composer digitizes life... and the prometians are humans put into digital form... he's creating an army that even the flood cant stop, hell if he is alive and say the digital life is stored in a cloud type storage all he needs to do is get to one of the forerunner installations and the entire population of New Phoenix is at his beck and whim


Yeah it looks like AI in the Halo universe has to be based on a real brain's neural patterns. So all UNSC AI is created from human brains and Forerunner AI is created using the Composer. Both processes are destructive and kill the subject, so for ethical reasons humanity has used recently deceased people; except for Dr. Halsey who needed the best AI possible, so she cloned herself and used the living brains of the clones. One of the reasons she's treated as a war criminal now, I guess - although I'm sure no book of law has a way to deal with killing yourself and surviving it at the same time...

The Prometheans aren't that intelligent in the end though, although it isn't entirely clear if the Crawlers and Watchers are is based on digitized forerunners/humans as well, or it's only the Knights that were created with the Composer.

Oh and the Didact needed an army of artificial warriors because any living soldiers fallen in battle would be converted by the Flood, so fighting them would only increase their numbers.
He also wanted to convert humanity because he believed they weren't fit to bear the Mantle of responsibility; and because his children were killed in the first war with the ancient humans and he wanted revenge.


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well that might be the old didict, this one is the born star and didict fussion. the frist was most likely killed by the master builder, by what the books say. plus i've got some theorys onto what the forerunner's where like.