Props Covenant Ordnance//UNSC designation:Type 1:Anti-personnel, Hand, Grenade-Plasma.


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Encountered on the battlefield during some of the earliest engagements against an enemy that would later be known only as The Covenant, this particular piece of weaponry is both deadly and terror inducing. It is said that the plasma within the electro-magnetic containment shell burns so hotly that it will often weld itself to anything it comes in contact. This includes armor and sometimes even flesh. If fortune fails and you find youself in this situation, you have approximately 2 seconds to make peace with your maker before this 'sticky grenade' renders your body unviable for burial.

I wrote that.

I thought I'd try my hand at yet another grenade. Again, the redeisgn of this bad boy caught my eye. I used a christmas ornament from michaels and covered it in super sculpy. I rolled the clay into sheets and then used a bbq lighter to harden the stuff just enough to file and get some edges done. I have a heat gun and attempted to use it but found that even on low heat, it deformed the foam core underneath. Hence the gentle warming flames of the lighter.

In spite hours spent in "theater" I had a LOT of symmetry issues. I finally decided that good was good enough. I then relealized that The base of the grendade was not entirely spherical, so I had to dig out the front and resculpt. This included cutting into the actual foam ball. Good times. After fixing cracks and lumps I had something moldable.


The result came out pretty good. I'm waiting for the paint to dry on the pull. I'll post pics soon.


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Nice! I'm excited to see this keep going. Based on your previous work, this will be an outstanding model. I'll want one!



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This looks really cool! I'm with Redshirt, I want one too. Do you have any plans to eventually have electronics inside it like lights and a activation switch for the grenade?

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Thanks for all the kind words! Redshirt (probably the most unfortunate name in the history of the internet!). I'm definitely trying to step up what I make. I've always been nervous about tryng new techniques in project building. as you will see in some thing I plan on posting in the future.
@Frozensnot, My attempts at hollowcasting have been hit ot miss, but I'm getting the hang of it. Lights and electronics is proabably the next step I'll take. Not sure if I'm gonna make these available though. I have a horrible fear of recasts. But I hav been known to make exceptions! :)
The above is the original model and what resulted in attempts to use flexible expanding foam to make a throwable prop.
Below is a succesful cast in flex-foam. Good detail, takes acrylics well. There were some bubble and skinning issues but, perhaps a layer of latex rubber in the mold first will solve that.
Wrinkles good for prostethic zombie appliques...not so good for hard,metallic surfaces.
And then there is the final result.
4 coats of metallic sapphire blue left to cure over a week. You can see where the pour spout was as well as the hole I drilled to hold the thing while painting.
IMG_2888_zpsc5d45c88.jpg IMG_2889_zps917c1150.jpg IMG_2890_zps45dfe674.jpg IMG_2891_zps046de818.jpg IMG_2892_zps49a79d19.jpg IMG_2893_zps01264b42.jpg
I may give it a wash and do some weathering, but I'm not sure a covie weapon like this would pick up any wear.
Whatta ya think.


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I think they are more like pokeballs in the snse that they are more of a sleek metal brush look. And they aren't in battle long enough to be worn.


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I think they are more like pokeballs in the snse that they are more of a sleek metal brush look. And they aren't in battle long enough to be worn.
I agree, you would only weather in the sense that you might use white dry brush on high spots and possible thinned black or dark blue in low areas to pick out the details.