Covenant Weapons (laser Tag)

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Covenant Weapons

Alright, so the link I posted in my first thread about this didn't work. Which is wierd, because I was able to view it just fine; didn't have to register.

But anyway, here for everyone's viewing pleasure are the two items I'd wanted to show everyone in the other same-named thread:



According to the article I read, these were made as part of a laser tag game, and apparently a lot of funtional features were built into them, especially the Plasma Rifle. Look pretty kewl, imho... :dance:

P.S., If the Admins/Mods could please delete the other thread regarding this, it would be much appreciated...
This is a bit old but it's still intresting...

I wonder if they'll make a Lazer Tag jacket shaped like MC's armor?
Covenant Weapons

The Plasma Rifle is priced at $119.99, and the Plasma Pistol at $79.99. So, all told, it'll put you back about $200.00 USD.

I just came across this earlier this weekend myself, so I wasn't aware this was old news... still kewl, though... :mrgreen:
Covenant Weapons

From what I read in the online article, there was no mention of this being a limited run. Another relevant point of interest: they plan on releasing a Plasma Sword sometime in 2008... :lindsey:
How are they going to make a laser tag sword? That is just asking little kids to go around stabbing each other. I smell a recall in the future.

Covenant Weapons

Aw, crud... really? I tried a search before posting this and it didn't show anything relating. Maybe I used the wrong key wordsin the search parameters. My apologies... :notme:
Whats the blue box with the red circle in the bottom right corner of the Plasma pistol supost to be?...

Damn I just got deja vu..I asked this same thing awhile ago and right on cue my mom came in and asked me the same question she did last time...whoa..
That is your hitbox, if you get "shot" in an area close enough to the hitbox it does damage to your shields, and if your shields are depleted then to your "health" If you "die" it makes some kind of siren I imagine.
Orginally the company that was making these wanted the weapons to be for everyone so they could sell them at toystores :p idk what 5 year old has 120$ to throw around , so i wrote them and pointed out the fact that the game audience was 17+ not 5 and asked for them to write back there thoughts ...they never did. Point being check out the hot topic FAQ section and at the bottom they say that their target audience is you guessed it 17+ :) So in the end enough people start sending in pointers we might have some master chief laser tag armor and AR's

here's what they said - taken from bungie forums

Q: Why aren’t the UNSC weapons such as the BR and AR represented here?

A: Our Halo 3 Laser Pursuit replica weapons are going to be available at toy stores and we wanted to keep the detail as realistic as possible. The human weapons look too real and would need to be made in bright orange or green to be sold at retail. Depending on the success of the alien weapons, however, who knows what could happen.

That ^ was a month ago this is their answer now on hot topics site

Q: Any age suggestions for the laser guns?

A: Since the Halo video games are graded for 17-years-old and up, the manufacturer has kept that same age suggestion for the laser guns.

Whoops. I just posted the same thread. I used the search button too and didn't find yours untill i looked at your profile...

sorry about that :rolleyes
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