H165 Forward Observer Module "Laser Designator"


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After Planet Comic Con in Kansas City this year I was feeling very inspired by all the awesome work people had on display at our booth. Throughout the car ride back to Illinois, one item kept popping into my head: the Reach laser designator. At the time I was in the planning phases of the Infinite marine that I am now building, and it just seemed like the perfect piece of kit; it's compact and could hang off of a belt or on a pack, and the interactivity of it would cater nicely to my interest in electronics.


Above: 405th Midwest booth, Kansas City Planet Comic Con

So there's the scope of the project: Laser designator which has all of the effects you see in game, plus a couple more for added neatness factor. I purchased STL files from Skookum Props, operated by our favorite discord moderator TurboCharizard (*cough* *cough* Skookum Props) and got to printing.

I got about halfway through printing some parts when I started to have printer troubles... and that's where things sat for a good 6 months.


Until now!

I had a great time at Cleveland Gaming Classic and have returned with another burst of creative energy! I have two robot friends now (twice the print, double the prop) and some electronics I stole from an old RC spy car, so you know this is going to be a good time!



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Great project! I can't remember if the controller rumbles while using the designator. I've found that scavenging rumble motors from dead controllers and adding them to my electronic props adds great 'feel' to a visual effects-only prop.
I actually have a bag I ordered a while back on Amazon, but I have yet to use them. I also don't recall whether the controller vibrates or not. I believe some research is in order.
It's a great prop! A little big at 1:1, but I still like it. I'm suprised I never dropped a finished photo in my build thread! Con rush on the paint job was probably the explination.

I added spinny knobs and a laserpoint/flashlight. I wanted to make the screen light up, but I never got that far.

VanFan hanumaru 2 square.jpg
PerniciousDuke I'm planning to use a knob with a built in switch for power/audio volume. It is quite large, but I'm planning to use it with a marine so the size might make sense?

Edit: also, yours looks great Duke!
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