Custom A.R. [reference from h1]

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TaC 04


-edit:- First life-sized model attempt!
TaC 9 Assault riffle:

My Maid threw everything away
So now I'm starting over..but this time I'm not plling stuff out off the garage. I went to hobby lobby today and I am ready to start for real!
Also its summer so Ive got alot of time!
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lol no...
im ganna vacuum mold it, and creat the 2 different sides. Both sides arent the same so I made a half scale thats realy rough, for editing later.
oh i know but times all i got- summer is comming up so its good!

also im new to this so im ganna experiement with stuff, learn from my mistakes! thanks for the advice tho!
Yeah, I already resolved to the fact that I will screw up my first armor set. So I'm just going to try to hurry up and make one really quick so thatI know what to avoid doing and what not to avoid doing next time.
I wonder if scale wise the AR could be made off of a fully functioning paint ball gun. and use a MAG LITE for the light under the barrel.
And the casing above and around the barrel being the hopper, maybe with a spring loaded plate inside to lightly push the balls toward the inlet.

Just an idea.

and a good one...but im not the one to be a gun tech..i dont have THAT kind of money, and to dismantle gun for its parts..not knowing if it will work, or if you can put it back risky, sticking to straight up props
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