Custom Sculpted 12" Action Figure Armor

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Sean Bradley

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I was just combing through armor posts at HBO and found this post about this guy named callous
who was making custom Marine and Spartan Armor for 12" Mego-style action figures.

It's compoletely gorgeous and might be a good resource for some of you. The detailing is fantastic.

I can't believe I've never come across this before. Check it out:
Thats awsome...

Did you guys see this one? Pretty funny

Nice link! This will help me and others who are looking into Marine Armor. As far as that Barbie goes.......I could see that at a Con. Like Dragon Con where you had the Burger King Storm Trooper with the Col. Sanders with Major Mac Cheese in the mix.
I had wondered if anybody had caught "Spartan Barbie" in her
*ahem*... 'Light Red' armor.

This dude making the custom armor for Mego style figures is really going
all the way with the detailing though. He is a toy sculptor professionally,
so I guess his accuracy shouldn't be that much of a surprise. He says he's
gonna send a set to Bungie when he gets it finished.

I hope he sells some too. I'd love to add that to my Halo action figure

Hey I'm that guy hehe. I did finish the spartan armor and marine armor, sadly however I really don't know that they can be cast. Mold making and casting armor is a very difficult process believe me I've tried.
Here's some pics of the unsc armor



and here's some pics of uscm apone and bishop from aliens just cuz.


Thanks! I use oil based clay for the head sculpts that I do and than make molds of them and cast them in resin. I used velcro for apone's hair and rabbit fur for bishop's hair and airsoft bb's for their eyes. I sculpted the armor out of a clay called magic sculpt it's really strong stuff so I can sculpt the pieces very thin. It's great for armor in 1/6th scale but to heavy for armor in 1/1 scale.
Here's one more pic of the spartan armor awaiting paint...

It's really cool that you joined up here, thanks for coming aboard! I'm very very impressed with your custom figures. I always secretly wanted to go into toy sculpting myself, but never got an 'in' with the industry. I had a connection at McFarlane toys who was trying to help me, but he ended up leaving the job on bad terms, so I couldn't really use the referral.

Do you work in the toy industry professionally, or are you more of a hobbyist? Your work looks to me to be professional quality indeed!

Sorry to hear that you can't cast more of the Spartan armor.. I'm so very envious of it. Is the reason you had trouble casting the Spartan figure armor because it is so thin, or because of legal issues?

Thanks for your photos, they're wornderful! I love the Bishop and Apone, the likenesses are very well done. I know how difficult that can be. Kudos on your Marine as well. These images will be of great resource to our members.

Congrats, and welcome to the forum!


AWESOME STUFF YO!!!!!!!!! Seriously awesome! I really want to do some marine armor, Halo 2 version, but I am inexperienced in casting. I could use some styrene or sintra for the other bits of armor, but the chest piece would give me some difficulty. I am still inspired and will continue my efforts to get something going. I look forward to your words of wisdom and progress on your models.
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