OSDT Build - Back in action


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Starting up my WIP thread of my ODST build.

My Ender 3 is finally back up and running and first full armour build going down as an OSDT. Using GalacticArmory's files, I'm churning out some weapons and a full set of OSDT armour. Hoping to get it all printed in time for warmer weather for painting.

Also getting down on a Mark IV armour set after this. Start off as a base Halo Wars version, but hoping to build it up as a Spartan 027-Robert, but that's a build for another thread.

PXL_20230912_224138022 (1).jpg

Helmet is done printing. I managed to get the final pieces done for it off my Ender 3.

SMG #1:
Still a print-in-progress. I got several pieces done before my Ender stopped working properly, but I may end up redo-ing, as least the pieces I can fit, on my resin printer for a better finish (Photon Mono SE).

Armour - Shoulder Bells:
Ender 3 kinda crapped out on me finally and managed to save up enough for a Neptune 3 Max. This thing is a monster and I love it. Here's one of the shoulder bells printed off it. Admittedly, I should have flipped it "nice" side up, but I tried aiming for less material and time. Some clean up needed lol.

I don't think I'll be remaking the helmet, but I definitely put it through it's paces with a Helldivers B-01 helmet.

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