Daschlenn's Halo and Destiny Unfold Thread and Build WIP

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    That's great to hear and really hoping I can have this cosplay ready for Dallas Comic con the latest. How do you go about addressing that issue with the head opening Daschlenn ? Do you paint yours or coat yours with anything? Also how would you go about armor? Is it worth doing pepakura or an easier solution. Thanks for responding so promptly, seeing that latest post had been since July.

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    Thanks for responding mblackwell1002 so soon and have never tried fiberglass resin before. Is it easy to work with? So "Rondo" would be the same fiberglass resin and bondo mix correct? Hopefully i can learn to use bondo appropriately due to the last time being a complete fail. My daft punk helmet had sections of it that looked like nemisis from resident evil -___- Will have to look at that video and thanks for the feedback. Thank you for taking the time and consideration for reading this message.
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    Hey man, with the helmet openings, I would do the fibreglassing method mblackwell1002 as it's the same I intend to use, then sand out the helmet opening to make it easy to fit your head in. And there's going to be a big update on the thread soon, just away from home on family business but should be back in the next fortnight! Also with armour, pepakura or foam would both be good methods, really depends on what you're comfortable in using. I'm pepping my armour
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    That seems to make the most sense Daschlenn and can't wait to see what you have in store. No worries man, family comes first and appreciate all the help. Never pepped armor so that will be a first, as will be making a cloak

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    Hey Daschlenn just wanted to give you a heads up that I have begun the celestial nighthawk pep and had two questions.
    1)how do you go about gluing the eye portion of the helmet?
    2) how should I go about putting helmet together, top to bottom or front to back?
    Appreciate any assistance.
  6. Daschlenn

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    Awesome to hear man! It's a fairly good build, not too hard but not too easy either! The eye portion of the helmet I just glued in there and am going to cut out after I've fibreglassed it, so it has that bit of reinforcement! As to what part to start with, I'd suggest maybe begin with the back of the helmet to see how snugly your head fits in it, and also where the ear parts sit on your face. If they're directly over your own ears, then it's perfect size! Then from there whatever part you fancy next! Its just getting the right fit first! The back of the helmet should be on the last 5 or 6 pages if I remember correctly. Any more questions feel free to ask! I should also have a massive update for you all soon as well! A few more helmets, including another halo related one which will also be the beginning of my Spartan suit!

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    Good is an understatement, I think it's an amazing pep. Though quite a bit of pages doesn't seem fairly hard. My Daft Punk helmet had so many small inseams :/. I started from the front right face portion of the helmet so hopefully will work from front to back. Appreciate all your help man and glad you are making this process so easy. Looking forward to those posts Daschlenn
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    Okie dokie! I'm back!!! Until my next round of radiation that is, but in the meantime, I have some files for you!

    Carnivore Match Hunter Helmet, Unfolded by me, Modeled by Crimmson
    Carnivore Match Hunter Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Fear Eater Hunter Helmet, Unfolded by Me, Modeled by Crimmson
    Fear Eater Hunter Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Iron Companion Hunter Helmet, Unfolded by me, Modeled by Crimmson

    Mask of Third Man Hunter Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Mask of Third Man Hunter Helmet, Unfolded by Me, Modeled by Crimmson

    Mask of Third Man Hunter Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Helmet, Unfolded by Me, Modeled by Crimmson

    *Disclaimer: I only did one set of wings and one cheek area, so to get the other one, just mirror invert the last row of pages and reprint out
    Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Helmet - Download - 4shared

    And now for something a little different, I bring you some Halo 5 Helmets:

    Spartan Recon Helmet, Asset by Chernobyl and 343 Industries, Unfolded by me

    Take note: with the visor as it wasn't joined to the rest of the helmet, I added tabs to the 2D model to attach the visor to the helmet.
    Spartan Recon Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Spartan Mk V Alpha Helmet, Asset by Chernobyl and 343 Industries, Unfolded by Me

    Spartan Mk V Alpha Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Now, with all these helmets, I CANNOT stress enough, that you MAY or WILL need to resize these to fit you, as my head is very big!! But those are the helmets I have with me currently, I do have a few more Halo 5 Helmets finished as I'm moving forward with getting them done now too, but I'm not at home at the moment, but will have them uploaded in the coming days! Also, another update is I'm starting on my suit for next year: The Spartan Indomitable!! I was going to do a Destiny Titan first, but then I saw the armour for the Indomitable, and had to do it first! It just looks too sexy! So there will be pic-heavy updates on that in the coming months as well! So that shall be exciting! Also, pics of the Destiny helmets and Recon helmet built will be put up when the other helmet links will be uploaded! Anyhoos, that's all for today, until next time Auf Wiedersehen!!
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    Hey Again fellow builders! As promised, here's more selection of Halo 5 Spartan Helmets! The plan is to get most of them, if not all unfolded, as there don't seem to be many files out there, so watch this space! Frequent updates and new files will be aplenty here!

    Spartan CIO Helmet, Asset by 343i and Chernobyl, Unfolded by me

    Spartan CIO Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Spartan Defender Helmet, Asset by 343i and Chernobyl, Unfolded by me

    Spartan Defender Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Spartan Indomitable Helmet, Asset by 343i and Chernobyl, Unfolded by me'

    Spartan Indomitable Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Spartan Operator Helmet, Asset by 343i and Chernobyl, Unfolded by me

    Spartan Operator Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Spartan Scanner Helmet, Asset by 343i and Chernobyl, Unfolded by Me
    Spartan Scanner Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Spartan Vigilant Helmet, Asset by 343i and Chernobyl, Unfolded by me
    Spartan Vigilant Helmet - Download - 4shared

    Those are it for now, However I am working on Unfolds for the Decimator, Gungnir, Legionnaire, Intruder, Foehammer, Infiltrator and Anubis, With the Decimator and Gungnir only needing part arranging, so they'll be up tomorrow! As usual, these helmets are scaled to my head, as while I'm unfolding them, I am going to build them to see if they're possible to build, so as usual, check the scale of these helmets before you print! My head is huuuuuge! Anyways , that's it for now so till next time, happy building!
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    I see where Crimmson posted the shaxx helmet, but where was the Unfold posted? I would like to take a crack at it.
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    Hey sorry first time I’m trying to get a .pdo file for helm of saint 14 and every time I click to download it is clearly some kind of malware from the 4shared files can anybody help me in this? Thanks

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