Deployment Application Process Begins Today!

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Halo 3 Naval Pilot should be found here:

479er is a unique case as she is a Face Character in Red Vs Blue. Other Red Vs Blue characters are deployable, although they are mostly all based on actual in game models. Rooster Teeth produces RvB with Microsoft/343i's blessing, so, while her gear is not able to be replicated or seen in game, if you apply specifically as 479er, and provide the appropriate visual reference, I think you will be fine.

However, mixing a Mark V (B) helmet with Naval Pilot armor would not be deployable as that combination is never seen in game or in any publication or art.
The helmet is in the file archive, Cadet was even so nice and gave you the link. It's last one the list.

There may be a slight misunderstanding. I, honestly, don't trust myself, at my current skill level, to be able to produce something that I would be happy with in the case of helmets. with this being the case, I was actually referring to cast helmets specifically, I apologize that I did not specify.
Wunderbar! I am very much looking forward to this system pushing our collective quality standards forward!
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