Destiny 2 "Better Devils" Hand Cannon 3D model

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  1. mblackwell1002


    Hello Everyone!

    It's been a little while since I posted a 3D project of mine...

    Today I have solved that problem.

    Behold, the Better Devils/The Steady Hand/True Prophecy hand cannon!
    Better Devils Hand Cannon full v2.png
    This is just the base pre-release white paintjob. I had considered doing other paintjobs, but I only like the Better Devils skin...and I don't want to upset lord salad head, but his "steady hand" skin looks like diarrhea:

    And to tell the truth, this model has a bit of an identity crisis. :p It's a bit of a blend between the D2 pre-release design and the D2 final design. There aren't a lot of detail differences, but those with a keen eye can point them out. :)

    So for those who can point out the differences, i'll give you a pat on the back. You're welcome. :D

    Anywho, I'm printing this guy as I speak; pictures will be up tomorrow.

    Thanks for looking and stay tuned for future updates!
  2. mblackwell1002


    Alright....some pictures as promised. A little late, but still...they're here.
    Better Devils pic 1.JPG
    better devils pic 2.JPG
    Print quality is decent at best, tbh. A lot of clean up for me to do later, but ah...oh well.

    And may I also mention that this thing is massive?! It's a freakin' cannon! Oh...wait...

    Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for some sanding and finishing progress!
  3. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I'll stay tuned. :) Do Lord Salad Head proud!
  4. mblackwell1002


    Hand Cannon progress underway. Still heaps of work to do, but it's looking a lot better.
    I'm pretty excited, tbh. I'd like to make this thing cast-worthy, but only time and my own patience will tell if that will happen. ;)

    Until next time, guardians! Thanks for looking!
  5. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Got some intricate sanding to do. Good luck it’s comigg out great so far. (y)
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  6. mblackwell1002


    Well...I guess I have some progress for you all. :)

    About 2 months later and I have this hand cannon pretty much done.
    IMG_2463[1].JPG IMG_2464[1].JPG IMG_2465[1].JPG IMG_2466[1].JPG
    I'm very proud thus far. All that's left to do is a little bit of clean-up, painting, and some rubberized laser cut grips with a hexagon pattern!

    Thanks for looking everyone!
  7. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Very nice.... I’d definitely call that cast worthy!!
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  8. Dirtdives


    That is a sweet piece man. Great job.
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  9. mblackwell1002


    Thank you for the compliments, guys! I'm working in the templates for the rubberized grips right now!
    After that's done, painting can commence!
    pistol grip.png
    I'll be going with the paintjob shown here:
    true prophecy blue.png
    As you can probably see, there are hexagon textured grips in the front underbarrel of the weapon. I'll be adding those as well.

    So...stay tuned for more headache-inducing progress!(my own headaches, that is :p)
  10. Dirtdives


    No....I think you got it right the first time.......You are very good at headache induction.......
  11. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Better Devils is probably my favourite D2 hand canon. Fantastic work! (I'm a bit envious that I cannot have prop to carry like this lol)
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  12. mblackwell1002


    Thanks! You can use the model if you would like to print/finish one yourself! I might be making casts sometime in the future, but that's kinda undetermined ATM.

    I personally like True Prophecy a little better, it takes a little bit of patience to use at first, but once you get the hang of the weapon, you can really mow people down. It has become one of my favorite weapons after the latest sandbox update. Better Devils used to be my favorite, but True Prophecy is a 3-shot kill if you get all headshots, and a 5-shot kill with all body shots, so a pretty quick TTK if you land all your shots. Aim assist is a little less than Better Devils, but the TTK is way worth it IMO! It's a lot of fun and a very rewarding weapon!
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  13. mblackwell1002


    A little bit more sanding later and I have begun painting this bad boy.
    Sorry, my phone's camera isn't too awesome. :/
    IMG_2507[1].JPG doesn't take good close-ups.

    This is a 3-layer weathering Paintjob like Boba Fett's armor in the original trilogy using my airbrush. I'm trying to take my time and make the paintjob look as professional as possible, and making it look like it's been beat up very badly over the years. (kinda like how you put new shaders on your weapons over and over in D2) It takes forever, but the paint quality supersedes that of spray paint by a landslide. I just need some blue paint, and progress will resume!

    Thanks for looking everyone! Feel free to critique me!
  14. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    You always work barefoot?? Lol looking pretty sweet. The cannon not your feet. Anxious to see how your grips come out as well. Are those CH pedals I see by your feet?
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  15. mblackwell1002


    No...not always, but I do have some "Sweet feet" xD

    Thanks man!
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  16. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Welcome to the world of airbrush master race. What brand of paint are you using or are you mixing and thinning your own?
  17. mblackwell1002


    I am using Testors enamel paints. I still mix and thin them to get the right shade and consistency, but I still buy 'em. Kinda pricey compared to spray paints, but I get way more freedom with the airbrush. I still haven't really figured out what air pressures are best for enamel paints in different consistencies, so i'm still learning.

    Also, I started using liquid latex, too. I kinda went overboard on the front of the gun. :( I think i'll give it a light sanding and put another coat or two on later. I still have to put a coat of matte black on most of the gun.
  18. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I find that airbrush paint is way cheaper overall, could just be the price differences of things up in Canada. If you get a chance, try out the Vallejo Model Air line of paints, their metallic and iridescent paints are fantastic.
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  19. mblackwell1002


    Awesome. Will do. Testor's metallic paints aren't too awesome, I'll probably make that switch soon.

    Paints around here are about 3 or so USD for a bottle the size of your thumb. Spray paints are about 3 USD for a large spray can. Big price difference, I might need to order from Canada, lol.
  20. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    $4.50 CAD for a Vallejo bottle, $8ish CAD for a 312g spray can. Yup.

    I could also send a care package down your way. Also, how do you know how big my thumbs are?
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  21. mblackwell1002


    Sounds like a plan! I'll send you a care package as well. Plasti-Dip is always tough to find at reasonable prices in Canada, correct?
  22. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    I’d like get an airbrush set up as well. I feel you can have more control over your colors and patterns vs spray paint (once you know how to use it of course) . I’m sure there’s a learning curve with it just like everything else
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  23. mblackwell1002


    I've actually had the thing for about a year, and I haven't used it until now, lol.

    You have waaaayy more control over the color and paint. Buy a type of paint at the store but don't like the shade? Mix a little bit of grey. Too thick? Add a little thinner. So much better than spray paint.

    The learning curve isn't too bad...I wish I had a single-action airbrush rather than a double-action, it just gets tough to use. So when you get one, I would recommend a single-action airbrush. They're cheaper, too.
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  24. mblackwell1002


    Notice I said "When you get an airbrush" rather than "If you get an airbrush" ;)
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  25. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Plastidip averages like $21/can locally. It's terrible. Barge cement is just not sold here. Cross border cosplay poison trade I guess is what we're setting up.

    Sweet new avatar by the way.
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