Destiny hunter build by killer eby


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So starting this off with nothing I am setting forth with the challenge to myself to not use templates from anyone on just the armor. This build I will do an auto rifle that is templated by Andrew DFT. The armor is up to me though. I am starting this mostly to push myself and to help teach me how to template and build something from just reference images. I will post updates as I go along on how I am doing and pictures so you beautiful people of the wide world can give insight and maybe even helpful tips on my journey of taking the training wheels off of my by using premade templates, because one day I may do a build someone has not done and I will be on my own... but for now we start this journey with high hopes! I should have written down the website I got the images from because I would give them credit for the good work, I will just have to do it when I find it again.


Sean Anwalt

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Wow man. This is gonna look cool!

EvilTed on YouTube has a great tutorial for how to make your own patterns. Check him out:

That should give you a nice spring board to jump start. When you have more questions, we'll be happy to help!


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I spent a month doing nothing but watching Evil Ted and Punished Props, definitely some good content on there. I'll be using his template process for building my own Skyrim Stahlrim templates.