Digital Costume Presentation


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For applying for Worcester Polytechnic Institute - that's in Massachusettes, which goes to show i live in New England, which is kinda like England, but more fresh.

I have submitted this in lieu of SAT scores, as they require almost perfect scores.

A 3d presentation of my cheap MJOLNIR armor!

Download Link!

It is in a museum setting, and unless otherwise noted, everything used was made by me.








lol, seven pictures!

I also announced this on a different forum, here


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I wonder if this is usable in Garry's Mod or Half Life 2 as a map? This looks pretty good though!!!

Serpent ZX

Haha... I live in Rhode Island. Fresh is right. LOL And nice digital walk-through. Looks just like one of those online sims.


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This is a self-contained executable. The engine used is the Genesis 3d rendering engine (which itself is 10 years old), and Reality Factory (which is about 5 years old, and on version 0.76).


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DUDE!!!!!!! That's awesome.I just took a tour of the museum and it was amazing.Have you ever considered going into the game design industry?


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seaninja951 said:
Have you ever considered going into the game design industry?

Yes, but I've decided to go into robotics, as I've been goofing with electronics since I was 8 or so, and I have a magic touch when it comes to fixing stuff: Computers, stereos, vintage gaming systems, and to boot I got one of my friends old Xbox 360s and fixed it from an E-73 error (only had to overheat it twice, and now it works fine) oddly enough he was so confindent in my abilities to also throw in a one of his copies of halo, one of several paddles, and the appropriate calbes.

If WPI falls through, I'll be going to Daniel Webster college (in Nashua, NH)which has "Gaming, Simulation and Robotics", or Clarkson University as my brother goes there and it is a sciency-type school.

This is my first project I've completed with Reality Factory, too. I'm working on something big with it now when I'm not working on my Forerunner Costume :p
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Looks good if it didn't need to be expertly made (in terms of content besides the pictures). The textures are iffy and the text is an eyesore compared to the surroundings, but overall I'd say it's a pretty unique presentation.

Good luck!


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I wasn't accepted :(

I guess they only allow for media-conforming troglodytes... not surprising.

I would go ranting about this... but my better judgment is keeping that part in check. Maybe if I dress in my cardboard armor I'll feel better.