Space hulk Deathwing Librarian terminator build

Hello people's,
Long time since I posted a build. This one is in the finishing stage of paint but thought I would share where I'm at. This build is based on 1 of the skins in the game. I'm trying to stay faithful to it, but a few artistic liberties have crept in here and there. Anyway here is Brother Nicodemus. I've got more pics, but didn't want break something posting any more haha


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Here's some closer shots of the boots. One boot has decorations on it that has special meaning to me. My sister was killed in a bad car accident in October and the markings and any checkers that are on the suit are dedicated to her. She was a professional clown that went by the name "Little checkers"


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Here's another installment of pics. These are of the pelvis, belt buckle and surrounding armor plates at the hips and lower back. I used quick buckles like on a backpack for ease of painting and transportation. The only bummer is as good as the rampant lion turned out on the cod piece, you won't see much of it as the belt buckle and the (yet to be finished) tabard will cover most of it. That's alright, I know it's there


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Got a few more finished pieces to share. These are shots of the pauldrons, elbows and the other glove and forearm . 1st up are the pauldrons
This one was a blast to paint. I tried to get some different textures going on with the foam. Some of the gold bits are nugget texture while the surrounding by the skull is hammered metal. The bright orangey gold pieces are fragments of the Emperor's armor that this particular librarian was gifted with. Included are 2 different shoulder shields. The gold lion head shield is 1 that you get along the way in the game. The last shot is that complete side with relic glove, forearm and elbow. The rest of these pics I'll just post as they're part of the skin I was trying to replicate.IMG_20230416_135851.jpgIMG_20230416_135914.jpgIMG_20230415_182137.jpgIMG_20230415_182212.jpgIMG_20230414_192138.jpgIMG_20230416_135402.jpgIMG_20230416_135822.jpgIMG_20230416_135837.jpgIMG_20230415_220719.jpgIMG_20230415_220630.jpgIMG_20230408_170712.jpgIMG_20230415_220820.jpgIMG_20230415_182031.jpgIMG_20230402_181939.jpgIMG_20230401_200914.jpgIMG_20230401_200934.jpgIMG_20230416_135901.jpgIMG_20230415_182157.jpgIMG_20230415_182228.jpgIMG_20230414_192234.jpgIMG_20230416_135341.jpgIMG_20230416_135356.jpgIMG_20230416_135926.jpgIMG_20230416_135826.jpgIMG_20230408_170658.jpgIMG_20230415_220438.jpgIMG_20230415_220409.jpg Hope you enjoy these
Got some paint progress to share. There's a ton of real estate to cover on the torso. Wouldn't be that bad if it was all 1 color, but lots of details to pick out
I also stumbled on a detail that I had missed while playing the game the other night. At the end of 1 of the missions you get gear left for you at the bridgehead. I accounted for 1 of the pieces but not the other. Here's the iron halo you get
This was made of PVC pipe and scraps of foam


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Thanx, I've got lots more pics to post that were during the build. Stuff that has to do with the lighting. I still have to build the thighs from scratch. But I'll finish painting the torso and get some pics with the shoulder pauldrons on. That'll be a milestone I've been waiting for!
In the meantime, here's some of the lighting pics I mentioned. 1st up is some of the details inside the hood. Some of the parts around the bottom of the neck had to be painted before they were assembled, otherwise I'd never get to them
I used 12v led strips that I buried in behind these panels for this portion of the lighting
I have some glow in the dark paint that I'm going to hit the edges of some of the stuff, it should be killer. Next is the upper portion inside the hood. I tried to get that "Mother computer from the 1st Alien movie" where everything was stark white.
IMG_20220814_185415.jpgIMG_20220826_202416.jpg Now the head surround on the back panel has blinking LEDs that random fire at different rates. The upper part has 4 large rectangle shaped LEDs that are marker lights for a boat.Heres some shots with everything on
There was so much blue light, my phone was freaking out and couldn't handle some of the pics.
IMG_20220813_225740.jpgIMG_20220813_225535.jpg This last 1 was in total darkness. There was still a couple lights not wired at this point. But you get the idea. And for the record, all the lights are below or behind my field of vision. There were concerns voiced on another forum about the possible eye strain from so much blue light.
Incoming transmission... Finishing up on the main torso. Everything is weathered all the way around and finished up on the giant cables on the outside of the neck area.1st is some of the torso bits
Now comes the cables. These things turned out awesome. There was a lot of work into these and a couple cut off and redo's.

IMG_20230519_195235.jpgThe pics with the orange cables are complete. I had some leftover lion head buttons from earlier in the build and decided to use a few on the leather straps that hold the small cables bundled to the main. I went with a touch of orange here because after thinking about it, it was going to be too much silver ribbed conduit everywhere. Same with the black and yellow safety stripe cables. The green leather was also leftover from the belt buckle. The green color is a nod to the Dark Angels chapter. I have a big librarian 's book to paint yet that will finish up the torso. It gets mounted on the "roof" of his back. It's got hand made pages and leather straps to hold it down. Also still have a bunch of wiring to tidy up and figure out battery mounting. Then shins. Stay tuned, got more on the way...


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Thanx. All the lettering was done by hand with chisel point markers and the whole thing was distressed with tea. The text is actually Motley Crue 's "In the beginning" translated into Latin. The book didn't turn out as thick as I wanted, but it works. I strapped mine down as apposed to standing it up like you see on the miniatures
I am blown away by the level of detail in this build!

Now I want to build a space wolf.
I am blown away by the level of detail in this build!

Now I want to build a space wolf.
Space marine armor or terminator? Not many terminator cosplays out there. I'd make that. Don't think I've seen anybody make a space wolf terminator either. If you do and need help, give me a shout. I've got most of the inherent problems ironed out. And thanx for the compliment
Space marine armor or terminator? Not many terminator cosplays out there. I'd make that. Don't think I've seen anybody make a space wolf terminator either. If you do and need help, give me a shout. I've got most of the inherent problems ironed out. And thanx for the compliment
much appreciated. I was thinking more a space wolf space marine armor. Love the space marine design and space wolves are just awesome.
This is some award-winning stuff right here! I can only imagine the time and effort put into all this.
Love seeing full-scale 40k stuff.
This is some award-winning stuff right here! I can only imagine the time and effort put into all this.
Love seeing full-scale 40k stuff.
Thanx, I appreciate it. I started on this a year ago in March and have in the neighborhood of 1k+ hours into it. Couple 2-3hrs a day plus 5-6 on Sat. and Sun. I love the full scale stuff too. This is my 2nd terminator
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