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Yay!!!!!!! personally I like the SOIEIVs myself, not to mention they look kick arse.


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me and a friend were talking about this and laughing when he suggested I want a drop pod as a gamer seat when I play xbox and my parents call me for food or something and I hit the emergency buttons and the door went flying into my tv and wall lol

this would totally be epic : )

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so will you be making a HEV or a SOIEIV? The SOIEIVs were from Halo 3 ODST and Cole Protocol. The HEVs were from Halo 2 and from the flood.

The HEV (Human Entry Vehicle) and the SOEIV (Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle) are the same thing.The HEV is probably just a nickname for it,but the halo 2 HEV is still a SOEIV.


gingersnapples said:
i think HEV is a catagory and SOEIV is the true vehicle

I think you're right.

@ IroniumCostuming- good luck on the pod I hope your hard work pays off, and if you need a larger pic of the pod i can scan the encyclopedia page for you
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