Edit: h3 ordered =)

ordered h3 yet?

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ok im at emgames/gamestop.com, trying to preorder halo3 and i dont see the option to pay with paypal!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: maybe im not lookin in the right place? could some one help me?

Edit: well it looks like im gonna have to go to the store tomorrow to be able to preorder it :evil: :evil: :evil: such an inconvenience, ah well, now this gives me a chance to wear my helmet to pick up the game
you should just go preorder it at a gamestop or a circut city. if you preorder at circut city you get a mc cut out. its huge!
Kiltmanfortytwo said:
REALLY?! That is awesome.

Time to cancel my preorder at ebgames and go to circuit city.

lol im not sure if they do at all of them but ok
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:hyper: i just preordered it :hyper:

but poop on the whole cut out thing, and i think they only did the cutout thing at the beginning, my friend ordered it last year and told me about somethin like that
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