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hey any artists out there want to help out with a halo fan comic I'm worknig on if you got some samples of your art just stick them in here or pm me or link to it or what ever.. thanks DuckMan
John, use self control. :roll:

What do you need duckman?
I have an elite or two if you want them. They're in pen and aren't colored.
yeah I'm looking for some one who is good at drawing elites and brutes humans may apeare the comic is just in its setup stage. The comic follows spec-ops Commander Iepo 'Cudat and his squad of some of the best elite spec-ops in the covenant Separatists going on top secret missions to slow down the loyalists behemoths.. thats all I got right now :>

edits I am looking for compeuter graphics but if your awsome at inking I may be willing to let 2 people join the team 1 inker and 1 graphic artist.. also this is my second web comic that I'm writeing one is a sonic fan comic unless your a hard core sonic fan I doubt you'll under stand whats going on..
Well, elites is what I got since I'm making a costume, lol.
I'll upload them tomorrow. I don't think I can make it to the scanner, it's in my dad's room. :mrgreen:
ah I get yeah don't wana wake up pops lol you've got time last comic took about 2 years befor the public saw the first page ;) I hope this goes a little more streamlined
sgtduckman said:
got any examples of your work

Sure, It's sleepy time now, so I'll get em to you tommorow when I get back from my trip with my youth group.

Gotta do some of that leadership stuff I've been taught. ;-)
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Havin fun on that retreat, eh Dark :dee: ?

I had a few drawings I did for Sir Brilliant over at B.net...

I'll look for them, but there in my tv cupboard thingy, which is filled with lots o crap :roll: ...
I need examples of art then... also a note to every one I just need an artist also someone to make a website although that is not 100% nesicary
sgtduckman said:
I need examples of art then... also a note to every one I just need an artist also someone to make a website although that is not 100% nesicary
that or we can get HBO to post them up for us
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ok sorry I didn't reply what kind of artist I am looking for last night because as you all know the site went down and became this thing of beauty that we see now thanks adam :>. any ways I would like it to look like a speed painting but a little more refind something like this > http://orcoyoyo.deviantart.com/art/snail-s...inting-21787951 yeah I know not halo but yeah if I find some more that look like what I'd like I'll post them here also for thosue who wanted to see my sonic fan comic here it is > http://akss.smackjeeves.com/comics/ note this is *NOT* the style I am looking for.
I had posted something earlier that got erased in the move to the new site, I'll draw something up tomorrow if I can find the time and see if you like it.

Got an idea for a strip that I could draw or you want me to just wing it?
I have an elite ranger action figure it might help along with a spartan with a sniper rifle ill try to post up a picture if I can wish me luck
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