Elite Costume Help!!!!!


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I am planning on making a elite suit that is just a basic elite that I can customize with different armors but I am having trouble finding a basic model to pep do any of u guys have a model or know a place


Anyone else remember the yellow invisible elites you encounter in Halo Combat Evolved when you enter the covenant ship. That was incredibly difficult on legendary.


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Thx Bullseye for responding and thx for the link but what I said up top I think I changed my mind cause peping an entire elite would be a nightmare
I looked up how pros did it an I thin im going to use Styrofoam for the body and resin it all down so it doesn't fall apart...

And yes macktruck I do remember them, they were always a pain in the butt to deal with


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Good luck with styrofoam. Just make sure you seal the foam with a few layers of modpog or plastidip because most paints, glues and resins will eat styrofoam.


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will do thx for the tip Bullseye
I will post more when I have actually started it although it might be a long time cause a lot is going on right now but will post when I get started