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Does anyone have a pep or foam file for the titan iron camelot helmet. I can't find it anywhere even the .stl generator.


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hi there im new to the site and pepakura and i was wondering if you can help as i wanna build a titan set from the new rise of iron dlc raid and wondering if u can point me in the right direction at all.


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I don't suppose its still possible to make a request? I've been trying to find a Titan's Days of Iron Ornamental helmet for three years now but only learned about the 405th recently!

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Hey ZylvanCelestion, welcome to the 405th!

This thread hasn't been responded to since 2016. Around here we consider that necro- posting, because it pushes active threads down. As a rule of thumb, try not to reply to threads older than 3 or 6 months.

All the files the 405th has are in the armory sub forum, and satchmo III has an outstanding collection in one of his threads as well. I know it's pretty daunting, but with some reading and research around here the a strong chance you can find what you're looking for.