Emerald City Comic-con appearences?

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  1. mblackwell1002


    So...I just moved to Washington state and will be attending Emerald City comic-con, and was hoping to meet some cool people! I'd just like to be on the lookout for fellow 405th members, and what suit they'll be wearing (for recognition purposes) I'll be in my Halo 4 MC suit:
    103_0086.JPG (sorry it's sideways)
    I may be in a 3D printed MC, but it's a WIP.
    thanks, guys!

  2. Saber


    I'll be going to Em City as well!

    You will want to talk to Aliya Matthews, the XO of the Washington Division!

    If you haven't already, ask to be a part of the Pacific Reg Facebook Group and we'll be keeping people updated on photoshoot and dinner get-together dates and times will be!

    Here's the link to the group!
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  3. mblackwell1002


    Thank you very much, Alexis! I'll do that!

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