Pacific Reg [wabat] (Tacoma, WA) - Grit City Comic Show - 2023


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Medium-sized Comic Show

Greater Tacoma Convention Center

November 11th

Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Available here


This is the third year after Jet City Comic Show renamed to this. One day only. We will have our Recruitment Booth present. We'll plan for group photo at noon, followed by a walk-by for the kids costume contest at 1pm. The adult costume contest closes the show at 5pm.

If anyone plans on coming and wants to help out at the booth please let me know! I have two tickets available for booth babes.
I will unfortunately have to back out as being a booth babe. Turns out I double booked myself for the weekend.
How did I miss this? I'm coming down to hang out. Don't know the area, so I'll bow to y'alls food suggestions.
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