End result of 343 and Cortana

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YES WE WON!!! Not just one, but TWO legendary sets out of the one hundred being given out here in Singapore (not sold here). Me and my sis took part in the cosplay competition, and no one else came, so it was a confirm win for both of us. Anyways, here are the pictures from the launch event. Hope you like it!

Putting my hands up in that position was tiring..





lol, nice... WINNER *by default* hehe

now you can send me the extra copy since i still dont have the game! w00t!
-btw ur sis has the perfect figure for cortana ;)
SANTA MARIA! That's awesome! Good job.

By the way, I thought you looked hilarious in that costume. Good stuff...
when you wear and spande body suit what do you expect? r u homosexual? not that theres anything wrong with that.
Mobeus said:
How about you just try being less offensive towards others.
Oh and SPU7N1K, your sister looks way hot :whistle:

Lol. Kamil Tow? I don't get it.
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Congrats on the win!! That's awesome! Your sister looked great as Cortana, looks like she spent a lot of time making that outfit.

Good thing pepknucklehead is banned. He obviously doesn't know just how difficult it is to wear spandex and look good in it. Spandex hides nothing. If you've got a bit of a beer belly, it'll look HUGE in spandex. Not everyone can wear spandex and look good in it. Hat's off to your sister!

But how about a pic of her when she's smiling?

thats so cool
343 lol
you should have bought a laser pointer and used it as a grav beam lol.

and your sis shouldnt have worn glasses would looked have much better.
just my opinion
in honor of tucker (from redvsblue) bow chika bow wow lol o and nice u got the good halo game
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