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Hey there 405th! So one of my favorite things about the Halo Universe is how expansive it is. Bungie as well as 343i have done a really good job of making it feel like a living, breathing Universe. I love all the different fictional companies and products that are depicted in the Haloverse like Asklon, BXR, Fronk's, etc. None of them really have much to do with the game as far as gameplay goes, but tiny, minuscule details like this go a long way into giving a pulse to your game's world building. I'm one of those people who like reeeeeaaaaally obscure references in games and film. So much so, that over the years, I've done a lot of Graphic Design work to create in-fiction artifacts from games and movies. Since Halo is my favorite game franchise, you can understand why I have a lot (A LOT) of Halo themed designs. I usually try to keep them based both in reality and the in-game fiction, often taking inspiration from similar programs/places in the real world. So this thread is essentially to share all these crazy things in my head that I've decided to design. Most if not all of these have never been seen in game, but they're all lovingly and carefully set in the Halo Universe. Most of the time they are based on an in-game company or location so I have something to go off of. Here we go.

Gannick-22 Mission Patch
Gannick 22.png
This is kinda supposed to be like a Mission Patch like the ones NASA has, but based on the planet Gannick-22. You might see something like this on the shoulder of someone working on one of the planet's orbital platforms. Meant more to be a civilian patch than a military one.

Greetings from Harvest Postcard
Harvest Postcard Design.jpg

So some of you may recognize this one from my fan film thread. It's a tourism postcard that you'd get in a spaceport on the planet Harvest. I actually have like 10 of these irl. lol.

UNSC Callisto Mission Patch
UNSC Callisto.png

This is also a mission patch for one of the stations orbiting Callisto, on of the Jovian Moons of Jupiter. The image in the center is based on Anchor 9, it has a NASA-esque chevron placed over Jupiter and Callisto, both of which can be seen in the background. You can also see (if you're really looking) the constellations of Ursa Minor and Major, which are representations of Callisto and her son Arcas (Greek Mythology).

Chiron Station Sticker

This is essentially a shipping label from Chiron Station. I would hope most of you remember Chiron as one of the levels in Halo: CE. Some of you may not know it's actually a space station in orbit around Mars in the Halo Universe. This design is based on one of the teleporter thresholds. I actually had a few of these made in sticker form.

Fronk's M12-R Rally Hog
Rally Hog.jpg

Last but not least, I was having a bit of fun in Photoshop today, thus the Rally Hog was born. It's basically a Trophy Truck version of the Warthog. It's clearly sponsored by Fronks, lol. It also has a sponsor sticker from Blast energy drink on it, as well as an AMG badge. (which stands for Asklon... Motor Group? maybe?)

Well that's all I have on this computer... so far. I'm always making new ones. I find it fun to come up with my own in-fiction stuff. How 'bout you guys? Do you have any as-yet seen logos or ideas? if so, I'd love to see them. Or even if you have an idea, let me know and I could maybe draw it up for you. Otherwise, let me know what you guys think! Peace out, Gen-2 Scouts!

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Got another couple images today. First up is the 7th Shock Battalion badge, but not the full color one that you can find on Halopedia. This is the one that can be seen on the shoulders of the ODSTs you land on the Ark with. It's the same badge, but it's got kind of a grayish green color to it. Here's a side by side.

7th Btn Side by Side.jpg

Next one is another one just for fun. I actually have a sticker of this next one.

Fist of the Unicorn.jpg

That's it for now. I might have some more by the end of the day. Not sure yet.

EDIT: Almost forgot. My brother, who is also a big halo fan, was the victim of a April Fool's day joke of my creation. I posted this image to his facebook. He fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Dirt Rally Pre-Order.jpg
this image is not real. though I wish it was, lol.

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Just one today. I was wondering if there was a Haloverse equivalent of the Merchant Marine. Turns out there is. The UNSC DCS or Department of Commercial Shipping is the organization that Lieutenant Commander Jillian al-Cygni posed to work for in Contact Harvest. As there is no existing emblem for it, I decided to make my own take on it. I assume they work similarly to the Merchant Marine in that they are functionally civilians until times of war. I based the design off the International Maritime Organization insignia. Here it is.

UNSC DeptComShip.jpg

Also, keep in mind. I consider all these designs I make open source, so if you want to use them on props/costumes, rock and roll. I'd just ask that you credit me as the artist, that's all. Also, if you PM me I can send you full-size images in any format you'd like.

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The aforementioned fan fiction can be read here. Just in case anyone is interested. It's a WIP, so in its current state, it's pretty short.

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Hey there, 405th! So I picked up Forza Horizon 3 last week, and immediately set upon making my Fronk's Warthog a reality. I was determined to do this the minute they announced that the Warthog would be in the game. If you haven't seen my photoshopped version already, go ahead and scroll up a bit. It was originally an April fools joke about Dirt Rally, but the joke was on me, because eventually the Warthog made it on to a racing game after all. I had to change a few things for the Forza Livery because the photoshopped one was slightly modified from the Rocket League one, and it has way more real estate for vinyls. I had to be a bit more strategic this time around. Here it is. Let me know what yinz think.

Fronk's Hog 1.png

Fronk's Hog 4.png

Fronk's Hog 3.png

Sidebar: I recently picked up the Halo Mythos book. It's tough for me to give 343 a whole lot of credit these days, but it's pretty cool. It's nice to have everything all in one place. There's also some really cool artwork in it, so I'll likely be adapting some graphic design stuff from some of it. That said, hopefully, I'll be keeping this thread updated regularly again.

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Hey there 405th! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I really like this most recent design. So I've mentioned before that I have a few fan-film/fiction projects in the pipeline. When any of those will come to fruition is anyone's guess, including my own, lol, but I'm always adding more and more in-fiction designs to my portfolio and I figured I'd share this one with you. So one of my stories takes place primarily on Troy. I've been reworking the story's main character because I decided she was too passive. So I had the idea of making her a writer for a local news outlet. I appropriately named it the Trojan Sun. The design of their logo can be seen below. Let me know what you guys think.