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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Blue Fantasy, May 11, 2018.

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    Last year after Pensacon, my husband decided he wanted to do Halo costumes next year. We found the 405th's table at the con and here I am. Also, a user on a facebook cosplay page suggested I just post and ask for help. So...

    What I'm making:
    One at a time, so that I can at least get one completed if not all, but... The hubby wants to be a Mark VI Spartan, I want to be a grunt (I'm female), and I was hoping to make an Elite for our 8 year old son.

    My experience:
    I've NEVER done any kind of armor before. My crafting skills are... moderate, I guess. I can do a little sewing by hand and machine. I've made plushes, jewelry, and costumes. Most of my costumes started with thrift store clothes that I modified. I have sewn a cape and a Death cloak from patterns. I've done a little with sheet foam like you get in kids crafts. I'm always willing to learn and try things, but I think my husband has more confidence in my abilities than I do. :p

    What I need help with:
    Um, basically everything? First and foremost, what materials I need? I've downloaded Pepakura but beyond that I'm not sure where to go. I had a friend that made a helmet from pepakura, paper, and fiberglass, but it seemed a bit too small for him and I don't want to end up with that. He did the rest of the armor in foam. The person from the cosplay group said foam was better. I guess I need foam and a heat knife and...? Is there a resource for people starting completely from scratch?

    Oh, and, um, hello! Call me Fantasy or Blue, doesn't matter.
  2. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Welcome to the 405th Blue Fantasy!

    For starting from absolute zero, which by the sounds of it you have some experience, I'd recommend checking out some of the FAQs and tutorials linked in the New Member Index. There's a load of valuable information and build threads there that'll help to get you a feel for the different types of builds that people traditionally do for armour.

    Foam is generally quicker to build with, easier isn't necessarily true and better is definitely an outright lie. Every material has it's own strengths and weaknesses along with skillsets required to make the build look good but no one way is better overall.

    If you have any specific questions, lurk around a bit, ask questions in threads or direct message a member. Researching how to make things and how to improve your techniques is probably the most important part of any project so you're already headed in the right direction by doing this shout out to the crowd for help.

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