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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Carpathia, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. thatguy

    thatguy New Member

    Thanks. :)
  2. DirtyShisno17

    DirtyShisno17 New Member

    ok. i got the designer and all that business. bought the keycode and got my scaling done. i tried to print it but it onl showed numbers and no lines. how can i change that?
  3. HardAsSponge

    HardAsSponge New Member

    is there any chance the fallout 3 models will be added to the database?
  4. PaperJedi

    PaperJedi New Member

    Not sure if this is the right thread but it seems to be. A request. When adding Pep files to the archive please add another version in A4 so we Europeans can print them. I cannot convert Letter to A4 using Pepakura Viewer. It would also be nice to be able to save the files as PDF. I don't know how to do this. I don't have a printer (too expensive, and ink!!!) so I want to get my local print shop to print the files for me, but they won't install Pepakura on their PCs so a PDF version would be ideal. Again, in A4. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Satchmo III

    Satchmo III Well-Known Member

    Hi PaperJedi! I'd like to make a couple of recommendations for you. I believe you are able to use the Pepakura Designer program without a purchase key to it's full extent with the exception of the save function. So you could change the paper settings, rearrange the pieces, save to a PDF, and take to an offsite printer (you just wouldn't be able to actually save the PDO file with your unfold revisions). That said, if you intend on pursuing this hobby for a while and making many things the 30£ purchase of a Pepakura Designer key is a wise investment (so you can easily save any unfold revisions you make). If you're just trying things out and don't want to learn how to work with Pepakura Designer you may find users that are willing to help you output specific PDF files but you're so much better off trying to learn, and then do, yourself.

    Your request above is a difficult one since it tasks the model makers and unfolders with managing multiple versions of files that may or may not be needed for users. Paper size is typically letter or A4 so there's only two options but sizing issues require scaling revisions to be made by the user with the Pepakura programs anyway so it's hard to justify outputting static PDF files where these things cannot be modified.

    I hope this is helpful and that you're able to get started on your project soon. If you do go the route of asking others to help you with PDF files I'd suggest posting specific information (the model, where to find the PDO, specifics about paper setup and model sizing, etc.) to help direct anyone willing to take the charge. Good luck!
  6. Satchmo III

    Satchmo III Well-Known Member

    I'm not very familiar with the Fallout series but there are some Fallout PDO files in the file archive. Since this is primarily a Halo-related forum you may have better luck searching for Fallout and PDO via Google to find more content. There does appear to be a forum dedicated to that subject matter (see the link below).

  7. PaperJedi

    PaperJedi New Member

    Hi Satchmo III. Thanks for clarifying this for me. I have found a program (cutePDF) that converts pdo to pdf. Found it on Instructables. Very useful. It's hard to find US Letter sized paper or card here but my print shop said they could cut other sized paper and card to the right size. Just more expense.

    When I set the Print Settings to A4 and the pdo file is Letter sized the Viewer asks me if it should rescale. What will be the result if I say yes? What will be the result if I say no? Will the templates change size, or overlap or what? This is to print a Letter-sized template on A4. Are the templates made larger or smaller? I'm sure the Designer Program would allow me to convert Letter to A4 but the Viewer does not, so I gotta ask.

    Thanks again.
  8. mux213



    You might find yourself in a jam sooner rather then later going down the route you are going, unless you happen to be 7 feet tall and the default scaling and sizing of most files fit you perfectly, the default letter format is going to be the least of your worries. As Satchmo mentioned, even getting the free downloadable version of Pepakura Designer will allow you to scale the pieces to your size and rearrange everything onto A4. Then just print to a PDF and bring the PDF files to your printer.
    It would be near impossible to maintain not only files for different paper sizes but on top of that for different body builds. The letter => A4 scaling just sizes it up or down (I can never remember) but it should all be proportional.

    Personally, the AUD 60 I ended up spending on Pepakura (darn the ozzie dollar did tank) was the best I've spend on my project so far. Saving my work and being able to finetune things has been great but you probably can get where you want to be with the free version.
  9. PaperJedi

    PaperJedi New Member

    Thanks guys. Never knew I didn't have to buy a key for the designer. Printing to CutePDF should work.
  10. Emers

    Emers New Member

    Quick question. If I have an unfolded foam file, could I use it with cardstock instead? What's the difference from a foam unfold versus a regular unfold?
  11. TheJrACE

    TheJrACE New Member

    So I am looking to build a marine outfit and with this being my first build have a few questions. Can i use 9 1/2 x 11 size 110 cardstock? Would be making the CE marine chest plate as well as the shoulder guard. Lastly as a mac user I'd be going to a friends house real quick to print this out. I've read on here that there usually is resizing/adjusting needed mainly with helmets, so would i be alright just printing these files out as is? Thanks guys! Hoping to do it this weekend and will make a progress thread.
  12. locostorm


    foam is thicker so the angles will be wrong.
  13. bensnell94

    bensnell94 New Member

    How do you convert Letter to A4 without everything changing its scale because when i changed the printer and paper setting to A4 instead of Letter it seemed to make everything slightly smaller? but i don't want the helmet any smaller? :)
  14. Meatwad

    Meatwad Jr Member

    Changing the paper type will not change the size you have it scaled. It will look different because A4 paper doesn't fit the same amount of pieces as letter size paper.
  15. bensnell94

    bensnell94 New Member

    ohhh okay cheers!
  16. Rooster

    Rooster New Member

    Is there any way to use pepakura to make a 2D template? Or is that something that would require converting the 3D model in another program?
  17. mrschief

    mrschief New Member

    Hi, I'm brand new to this and I cannot for the life of me figure this out.
    why on Earth do I have random pieces floating all over the place!? Several of my files are like this and I'm not entirely sure what to do.
  18. Bledzzor

    Bledzzor New Member

    I think this is a Pep for a foam piece, so they only have the parts at the paper you need to work with foam. The other parts are filler´s to get the form of the armour if you work only with paper.
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  19. mrschief

    mrschief New Member

    Thanks! I thought that could've been the issue, but I wasn't entirely sure. Time to find new files, then!
  20. BlackStar9280

    BlackStar9280 New Member

    I'm trying to make halo 3 mark 6 foam armor. I'm pretty petite and short but I have really long legs. I've collected a lot of foam pep files and some fit but some pieces don't fit after scaling. (Arms, legs, possibly the chest plate.)
    After making the shins out of cardboard, I found out that they were a little too short but WAY too big. I had already scaled them and since you can only scale one measurement, the model won't be able to fit me. If I get the correct length, it's too wide. If I get the correct width, it'll be too short. Is there a way I can change the width of all the pieces in pepakura designer at the same time so they would be able to fit?
  21. Chernobyl


    Unfortunately, no. Without exporting the file into a 3D modelling program, you won't be able to scale along one dimension alone.

    It may be worth trying your pieces on with some padding - remember, the undersuit is meant to bulk you up somewhat. However, it's also worth noting that the Halo 3 Mk VI pieces aren't scaled to a real human - the player model in Halo 3 is built more like a dwarf, with a barrel chest and disproportionate limbs.
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  22. BlackStar9280

    BlackStar9280 New Member

    Oh, ok. Thanks. The pieces are WAY too big to add padding though. I could fit both of my legs in the shin and thigh pieces.

    Do you know what the best editing soft wares would be to scale one dimension at a time?
  23. Chernobyl


    Sure thing - I personally use Blender, since it's free to download and has (if you're willing to actually read the tutorials) a fairly intuitive, easy-to-use UI. I'd be more than happy to walk you through and help you out if you need to.

    It's also probably worth showing off some examples of what you mean - it sounds like you're way off-scale if you're able to get both of your legs into one piece. I have a fairly slim build and even I'm unable to do that without having my pieces monstrously over-sized.
  24. BlackStar9280

    BlackStar9280 New Member

    Thank you so much! I have blender on my computer. I'm converting them to blender files. It might be awhile before I can actually try to change the scale.
  25. Ashuraa

    Ashuraa Judicial Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    There is a new program that is coming out called Armorsmith. You can find it on Facebook. It's still in beta testing. It does allow you to scale in only one dimension of a build.

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