Female GEN2 SCOUT Armor (Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer) Build [+ more]

Afternoon Palmer :D
Question, Additive or subtraction weathering? Apologies if you have already said this somewhere...but this thread does have 40 pages xD

And how do you go about your weathering?

Cheers and have a good day :)
EDIT - Oh your armour looks freaking amazing and I hope to be able to match that quality one day haha


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Congratz, you just made the 41st page!

Sorry I've answered this question bazillion times already, I'm not gonna go there again. ^^"
I'm currently making a video showing and explaining how I do it. But until it's done, you're welcome to scroll through the thread.
And thank you.


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WOW!!!! Your helmet is as good as your eyes are freaky!!! Regardless of how long it took CP, it looks FANTASTIC!!!


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Dirtdives LOL, thank you. I guess I like weird. XD


Stripped paint of the shin piece, will add foam tomorrow as I'm tired and going to bed. Started sealing the helmet.
Also, I have to kinda speed up. I have around 12 days left to finish and I still have many things to do:
- 2 shins
- 1 thigh
- 2 shoulder pauldrons
- chest piece (+ 2 small parts)
Right now I'm thinking that I'll add foam on the shin tomorrow and prepare for painting but also I want to strip paint from it too and possibly add foam to it in the evening. Plus mask and spray paint the thigh piece.
Then this week I still want to strip paint from both shoulder pauldrons and possibly improve them.
I always keep the possibility that I may not make it in time so I may leave the chest as it is... I want to finish whole thing, but I just keep it as possibility.
I still have in mind that after sealing the boot parts I'll have to attach them to the shoes.

Also, remembered that I actually have a second visor! That first cracked one I did. I still could use it if I wanted... could always swap between them. :3



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Helmet looks great, you did an excellent job on the weathering. Even the cracked visor. Top notch!


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Bucs37DK Thanks! That was one of my 1.0 visors. ;)

Austin3991 Thank you. :)

BlazedStarbon Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoy it. ;)


Alright, gotta say few things first. I made a wise decision for once.
I'm not going to work on the chest piece and I'll be leaving it just how it is. I'm aware it'll look bit weird because it's so different, but... BUT I wouldn't make it in time anyway.
I have around 10 days left. I still have to do/finish legs - one thigh and two shins AND two shoulder pauldrons. Oh, and assemble the shoes.

Not enough time and chest piece is bit complicated. I'd need at least a week for the chest piece alone, because I'll have to remove one part from it and make it from scratch again. Strip the whole paint - and those are huge parts, both front and back.
Add details and then paint... (oh and not to forget two small parts that go on the sides on the bottom of the chest) The chest piece is way too big project to even think about working on it now.
And I don't want to make the mistake I did last year - rush things trying and hoping I'd get it done in time - not get it done in time, regret rushing and have to do it again because I'm not satisfied how it looks.
What I'm doing with Palmer now is 2.0 and final. Don't want to rework anything on the armor anymore, I'm satisfied how it looks now and this is what I intend to keep doing.

Gamescom is something that I'm curious to see, but it isn't the most important event for me. What I'm most hyped there is actually FanFest which is a closed event and we were been invited there. Other than that I have only tickets for Wednesday and Thursday, but I've never been to Gamescom before so I'll go privately on Wednesday to see what is going on there, how everything looks like and to record some footage since I have a YT channel. I plan to go in-costume on Thursday... and that's it.
And our 405th isn't too much into Gamescom either, many of our folks skipped or are having other cosplays like Overwatch... So yep.
Nice event but not most important for me. TBH looking more forward to Warsaw Games Week in my country. And well, I have to get in shape, dammit. >_>
And... once I'm done with this costume I'll be a very very happy human. I'm sick and tired of never ending work on this costume, hahaha.
I know it's also kinda my fault that I started doing all this at the end of May. WAKE UP yo. I didn't plan the whole thing TBH, if I knew I would have started working on it months ago... Oh well, but I just want to finish it and call it finished. You know, close the project.

I only keep it in mind I'll have to make another undersuit as it's lycra and may get worn out with time, but that's it.

I can always say that I'm waiting til those eggheads will get me a new chest piece. >:[

Anyway, finished one shin.


Working on the second now, adding foam details and still have to strip paint from smaller pieces tomorrow.
Also have to mask that thigh piece to paint tomorrow... Argh.
And also start stripping paint from shoulder pieces.

Also, a friend from Fireteam Equus did this masterpiece. I guess I know why Spartans have those metallic visors. Haha.



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I have finished my helmet! Yay! Palmer's helmet finished. Done.
So happy. Actually finished my first helmet. Took me long enough... so here is a photo session.
Very pleased how the helmet came out, everything really.
Mostly made photos after sunset, tried earlier in the afternoon, but after one photo I hope you can judge that the light was too hard, so I decided to wait to get more accurate photos that caputre how the helmet looks like IRL.
Hope I did Palmer justice...














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I know........It might be cheaper to send you a round trip ticket to come visit America for a week or two.......oh well......I guess I will have to muddle along on my own......I hope I don't mess it up.


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Dirtdives Hahaha, I rather think it would be cheaper to send helmet and back. XD But I wish you luck, you can do it!

Austin3991 Thank you <3


Remaining parts to paint.
Left thigh piece and right shin - just weathering.
Left shin - spray paint light gray, mask and dark gray, mask and red markings. Then weathering...

Looks like it isn't much to do, but I still have to assemble the boots too... and weather isn't helping at all, it's raining. :|


You may wonder why the photo. Here is just a comparison of new pieces with old ones.
Currently I'm not touching the chest piece and shoulder pauldrons. No time for that, I have barely time to finish the remaining pieces and I'm already expending my deadline.
I will do them most likely in September though.... After I come back from Gamescom.
But just wanted to see, especially on photo how big the difference is between old and new pieces. Not that big as I feared TBH. Obviously there is clearly a difference but I feared these could look worse. Also, I can always say that I'm waiting til the eggheads will get me new parts!



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Last day, still so much to do. One last part to finish weathering - left shin and that's all, then just work on the storage on the buttpiece and the shoes which give me so much trouble.
It's gonna be a sleepless night.

Right leg is finished.


Shin finished vs the one I have to make dirty.


Just a pile of shame.



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Now....I was going to "like" this........but how can I when you post such a blatant lie? "Pile of shame"? Your work is inspirational......it is a piece of art. Granted it is an acquired taste of art but for the likes of us.....ART!!! So that being said....despite your hobbit-like feet, I can not click "Like".