Female GEN2 SCOUT Armor (Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer) Build [+ more]


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Last update for today.

Did the whole weathering on the helmet and thigh. Now I have to make it all dirty.
I have to say I love the helmet. Especially when it becomes more "beaten up".



Finished the tutorial! Or rather, finished the piece and recorded all the footage... It's under 2 hours, so will have to definitely cut most of it. But I have it, most likely will sit and work on it tomorrow.
Anyway, but the piece is finished!

Will have to do the second piece tomorrow... Actually I have multiple pieces to make dirty... remaining front boot part, both boot parts on the back, thigh piece and helmet!
Lot of work... Also, worth mentioning that I have the left thigh piece ready for masking to paint some areas dark gray and shins to stip paint... oh damn, it sounds like a lot... and it's even more. >_>




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A lot of work? Nah! I find painting to be so much fun that I could do it all day long! And when I remove the masking..."It's like freakin' Christmas" - Adam Savage


Noice work! I can not figure out how you make the paint behave so much like dirt on the armor. The dirtiness looks so real!


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mblackwell1002 Awww, Sir Adam Savage <3
Painting is much fun, but stripping paint is not... :D
And thank you! Seriously thank you to hear you think it looks like it's dirty and used. :) And you'll see soon enough how I do it. :)

-- UPDATE --

Finished all boot parts! Now off to right thigh and helmet after that.
Of course old piece for comparison. So happy how these look now.



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Just to let you know why people don't like Palmer (in-game), It's because she shot Dr. Halsey in the arm after she gave majestic one half of the Janus key.


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I personally don't see how Palmer and Halsey are cool after that but I also don't care about all the halo fans feud with Palmer.


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agentflorida I'm not saying you're wrong but many more people are offended by the friendly joke "I thought you'd be taller".
Also, Palmer and Halsey had multiple face-to-face encounters after Spartan Ops and before Halo 5 which also changed the perspective a bit.
Never expected that it was the joke, intriguing. Also I don't have any connections giving me access to Halo's EU. But interesting.


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agentflorida Well, it was a friendly teasing joke to break up the ice. Marines and especially ODSTs do talk like that, if you listen to them throughout the games. And Palmer was an ODST before she was recruited to Spartan-IV program.
Also, well Halo Escalation issues mostly cover what happens after Spartan Ops til Halo 5 and Palmer&Halsey met there multiple times. Both made mistakes and kinda... then it made them be all chill together in Halo 5 I guess.


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HAHAHAHA? "Foot-age"? xD

Nice paint work! Most impressive, most impressive! I definitely look forward to that tut. If it helps me improve my terrible painting skills, I'm all ears. lol. :D
Actually I think its your humor that needs improvement!!!!! ;)


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It would be cool if one of your closest friends who loves doing this stuff made the armor from Palmer's partner who sacrificed themselves on Spartan assualt. And if you have an assualt rifle and a magnum you should decorate it with the UNSC skin weapon skin from halo 5, just a idea.


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agentflorida Spartan Davis you mean? Well, I would have preferred to see Lasky SOOO much more. Or Roland. I'd hug the crap out of them and I'm normally not a hugg-able person. Those two are my most desired cosplays to encounter.

UNSC skins you say? EKHEM.


This is only how I roll. UNSC skin or nothing. Just, personally prefer the classical stripe instead of the UNSC logo.
More about these should be somewhere in the thread around in page 25-27 I think.



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Well, I dislike the logo on them. Like the logo itself, but it doesn't look good on a weapon IMO. Way too distracting and also takes away the classical stripe Magnums had and the MA5D has in default.