FFA series number 16 : M739 Light Machine Gun AKA "SAW"


Hi girls and boys.

FFA overview so far :
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FFA series number 4 - MA5D Modular design, Coalminer series.
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FFA series number 12: Railgun-Coalminer Series-Ultra Detail Edition
FFA series number 13 : Medkit - Coalminer Series
FFA series number 14: M73 LMG
FFA series number 15 : Modular M6H gun + variations


It's BAD, It's BRAWNY. It's G**D***Beautilful. You wanted it, here it is :

Brought to you by the very same modeller who's given us so many fantastic stuff over the year, Michael Flanagan was kind enough to donate this specific model to the community for free and as such doesn't only deserve our respect, but deep gratitude for doing this. Just remember, some modellers are worth every penny you spend on them. Michael's, imho, one of them so if you ever need something to be done, shoot him a message, I promise you won't regret it.

The model is largely as-is. While producing a fully removable mag may see the light of day at some time, this model isn't really ideal for such stuff. When you look at the game animation, you'll understand why : without the mag, there's essentailly a SUPER BIG HOLE in the gun. Now while this may work with the alien-infused-technology and metalurgics within the Halo universe, doing stuff like that will kinda be the end of a 3D printed prop (and most others) for sure.

Hence, after some contemplation, we decided to give you the model as is. If you need to scale, slice, or do whatever you need to do to make it fit your "puny little 3D machine" and you have no clue how to do that, be sure to look at the thread we posted here :

Slicing and cutting 3D models is NOT hard. In case of issues : read.

Other than that, what you will be getting is this little monster :


"look mum, no polys". :D

And the files, both of the gun+mag sepperated aswell as a full one-piece gun, can be found here :


As always, have fun with it, and in this particular case, a big applause and all kudos to Michael for this helll of a smooth-looking favorite of many. :)
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