Final Beta Impressions

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Ok, we've been Beta-less for a while now. Is there anything you absolutely loved, hated, wished would change?

My main complaint would have to be the lack of "go to weapons" for Defense on High Ground. Offense gets the Sniper, the Shotgun and the Rocket Launcher. Yes, the Defense could rush those weapons with the Mongoose, but you shouldn't have to.

I think defense should get the Rocket Launcher or the Shotgun.

Snowbound seems to be a very well balanced map.

Valhalla is fun for whatever game-type you are playing.

I love the idea of instantly arming the bomb, then defending it.

They need to speed up the capture on territories - or "more people, faster it goes". It was agonizing (for me at least) to stand there for as long as I did.

I think the flag carrier in a CTF game needs a little longer "field of attack" - or a slightly longer lunge when they have the flag.

The Spartan laser is fun - although I could barely ever kill anything with it. It does make for a great laser pointer.

The Mongoose is a nice, quick addition to the Human weapons. I do wish you had a minimum amount of control while flying through the air (a lesser extent of the Crackdown cars).

The Wraith now manuvers like a bathtub with wheels on an oil slick. It scares me to think on how the Scorpion will handle. I did like the addition of the turret on the Wraith, but I still wish they would have put in an EMP-Blast or Extreme-Plasma Discharge* or something like that.

* My initial thoughts for a new Wraith in Halo 3 would for it to have a 'massive plasma discharge' that would kill anyone within x-meters of it mainly for the fact that if anyone hijacked the Wraith, the driver would be all but a sitting duck. The Massive Plasma Discharge would also cause you to not be able to fire the mortar for like 10-15 seconds (even it up)
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