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Finepoint Games Recruitment

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by HarvestRecruit, Jul 14, 2010.


Which Halo CE, 2, and 3 map would you like to see remade in Sigma

  1. Blood Gulch

    24 vote(s)
  2. Lockout

    3 vote(s)
  3. Sand Trap

    1 vote(s)
  4. Danger Canyon

    5 vote(s)
  5. other

    1 vote(s)
  1. markanator13

    markanator13 Member

    I just registered but it says my account doesnt exist even after the activation email. lol
  2. rens

    rens New Member

    hey man had the same problem it isnt a confirmation email but you just need to retype youre password :p

    btw not trying to be an ass but eum look at this screen for a sec and try making it a bit more in this style

    Notice how low the opothacy is on the hud in this pic compared to yours ?
    also note how the hud is somehow shaped like the outer helmet visor (A)
  3. markanator13

    markanator13 Member

    oh ok nvm, firefox got confused with my email and username thing lol and so did I!
  4. harican89


    iam a good movie maker... trailer, ingame videos whats so ever... my references are the videos from PanYamA Produktions (i was a teammember, in charge for ingame scenes and maps, textures for modells and objects) ... they made counterstrike videos, some years ago.
    PanYamA -Giga Allstars Trailer
    and some more... i work with after effects (low skills but improve them), adobe premier, photoshop, sony vegas video

    and iam a webdesigner... made some websites for my own issue. but i dont coding the website. if you want wordpress (better for admistration) then you get wordpress ;)
  5. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    we can definetly use the help! especially for vidocs!
  6. harican89


    say what i should do and i do my best.
    i think i should make a better layout for the website first ;)
  7. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    yes the website(no offense to Harvest) isn't that pretty to the eyes... just sign up at finepointgames.info and we can discuss layouts and stuff with the team.
  8. Junglenachos

    Junglenachos New Member

    Well can you guys give me the whole rundown of the story and everything?
  9. RoxyRoo


    But that would mean spoilers! D: oh noes!

    Follow the links I gave you, dude. I know you're curious, but the ways of the forum come first. Take some time to load a profile pic and edit your info on your profile page too. it's always nice to spruce up your home page for those who might visit your page. :)
  10. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    Somehow I missed this thread until I just saw a reported post from it...

    Locking this for now until we can clean it up. The last several pages have been out of control and will be looked over. Warnings/ infractions will follow for flame wars and vulgarity.
  11. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Make sure that everyone that cursed gets a week long suspension Ruze. Who ever initially instigated it should also be banned permanantly.

    I'd help but I don't know who you might have already taken care of.
  12. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    Done cleaning. Deleted all posts related to arguing, flaming, language, etc.

    Four users got a week-long suspension for assorted offenses including vulgar language, flaming/ arguing, degrading personal remarks, and destructive criticism:

    Morphen Jar

    Further action regarding instigation may come after Mod discussion.

    Keep this thread on topic and clean or it will be locked and there will be bannings.
  13. I have no clue if this will help, but here's an M6E I modeled a while back. It's the only 3d model I've ever made, so it's not the greatest, but if you want to use it, here you go.

    I'd love to help in any way I can. I'm an excellent artist. I can help with map and scenery design. I also do a lot of character design for my own fanon, and over the years I've gotten quite good at it. I can do storyboarding as well.
  14. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    That would help alot A.O.A. !
    we are always in need of more awesome artists lol

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