Firefight Style Recon

Hey 405th!

This is my first topic ever! i have been working on this recon for a month. i dont have any picks of the making because i dident think that id be joining the 405th! now for the helmet. i know, i know that the visor hole is too thin and yes, i know that the upper detail on the visor hole is not there. yes i know that i could have sanded the bottom black part more but i think that other than that, i have made a pretty good first recon! So i guess tell me what you think! thank you all for inspiring me to start making armor for myself. i have ben scaning this web sight for 2 years now and i have gotten so much from it. Pepakura. - How amazing paper can be!



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angry_cabbage said:
is that your recon in your avatar? either way, pics or it didnt happen.
He just had pics up a second ago, he took them off for some reason.
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for some reason the (NOOB LIMITER) or whatever wont let me post more pics! i dont even have a pic on there! it says 4.07 mb of your 4.88MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 829.91K)! how do i post pics now?
angry_cabbage said:
i meant scratchbuild as in cardboard. the helmet is the only thing that looks like it was made from a pep file.

oh.. yeah. the armor was made of cardboard. i dident know what you ment. sorry
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monkeyfist said:
Nice first armor!!! How did you make the MA5K in your first picture?

i found it at a local gun show. it looked sweet so i got it. the airsoft side of it sucks but it looks cool.
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The gun is just a cheap springer FAMAS. Similar style to the BR55 if you ask me, but it's hard to say. I'm just a detail person.

That armor looks pretty good. You mentioned some flaws you noticed yourself, do you plan on fixing those?