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Well, I finaly made up my mind. Im ganna make a full suit of spartan armor, hopfuly be thanks giving. I'll be making it out of the PEP stuff.
and sugjestions? o_O Oh, and its going to be green, with a smiley face on it :) , just like my armor in the game.

use flying squirrels or slyfos models
make crisp folds
resin the outside
glue the fiberglass to the inside before fiberglassing
use multiple layers of fiberglass and bondo to make a nice shape

hope that helps. and good luck
LastSpartan said:
Like the 1st ones out. Halo 2 type.

Oups, I said Fitz. It's JediFratz (or something similar)

well i got a model, its halo 2 style, but that ok with me. :whistle:
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