First Builds: Nerf Assault Rifle and Foam Pistol

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Hey I bought a Nerf recon cs6, and am going to convert it into a reach assault rifle. Problem is, I have no idea where to start....

Does anybody have any suggestions?
Try get your hands on that buzzbee toy gun that looks like an assault rifle, take parts from that. They're out of production though i think so might be hard.


Using Pepakura make the top and back of the assualt rifle in card stock ;)
Just spent the last hour and a half disassembling and analyzing the innards of the rifle. I had a few things in mind, but due to the complexity of the insides, i can either have a rifle that actually shoots or one that has lights and sounds. I think im going with lights and sounds.
Oh i know how I could do it to still fire, but not with the lights and sound I want to add. It would get too crowded on the inside.
Well I've looked around, and cant find an answer, so maybe someone here will know. how can I take apart one of the nerf clips? There are 2 screws at the bottom, but then there's 2 plastic clips at the top that seem to be glued together... I tried opening one and had to break the plastic on the side to get it open. any ideas? (Also I'm going to start some work on this tomorrow, and will have pics up shortly.)
Well I started work (at least some work) on this build. I decided to make a prototype first, since I've never done something like this before, so I can get a good idea of how to do things, what paint to use, etc...
Started by sanding down the logos

I disassembled and reassembled the gun 3-4 times to better understand how the inner workings go together, and to see how painting each half separately would work

Sprayed and waiting to dry

And put all back together again

After painting it, I may try a different type of paint, or maybe i just need to improve my technique. i'll use this base to try out carving and sanding the MDF (Medium density fiberboard), as well as shaping the bondo and such. Hopefully the experience with this prototype will make my real build look much better. Also, do you think it would be better to paint the individual halves, or the whole thing all at once? (in terms of the recon, not the whole gun itself)









It's starting to come together, but still needs detail work done. I'm just happy it's starting to look like an assault rifle.
When you put it together without the wood, it looked more like an ODST SMG. But i see it now and i cant wait to see it finished.
Wow, this is looking great! I love watching Nerf builds come together just to see some of the ingenious techniques people use to make them. Speaking of, is the barrel you have made from cast fiberglass resin? If so, did you make the mold yourself? It looks really good. The grip on the underside is also resin-cast correct?
Now as for the pep file you want converted, pepakura is a completely free program. you can easily download it from Tamasoft's website and print it yourself with no problems.
It certainly looks like you know what you're doing, so just keep on keepin' on man, it's coming along splendidly.
And I use a Mac, so I dont think the pep program is compatible. but no worries at this point.

Hmm, yeah you wont be able to use pep designer then, darn. I could convert it to pdf if you'd like, Id be a few days though. Just let me know. If you need it urgently, I'm sure someone on the 405th could get it done for you pretty quick.
does anybody have tips on how to make small detailed cuts? Like what tools to use? I'm trying to make some shallow cuts so the parts fit better, but am not sure how to go about it.
Got some good progress the last few days. All parts are cut and primed, ready for electronics and paint!





looking great!! for detail cutting, try using an engraving attachment for a dremel, with some kind of guide attachment or similar setup, that way you keep even depth and straight lines! keep up the good work!!
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