First Build: MK IV, 3D printed armor pieces and foamcrafted undersuit.


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Hello fellow 405th members!

Just wanted to make a post detailing my first build, which will be a Halo Wars MK IV (4) Mjolnir suit.

I’ll be primarily using the files from MoeSizzlac, though I might substitute some pieces here and there for a more custom suit. There’s also a Halo 5 MK IV from Leonbreakre on thingyverse that I might substitute parts from if I think they look better.

The plan is also to add some tactical pouches, grenades, ammo and the likes, inspired by the concept art from Reach of Noble 6.

I’m using armorsmith, and printing on my companies Bambu Labs X1C printer. The plan is to use ASA, as I can vapor-smooth it for less sanding and acetone weld pieces together instead of using glue or epoxy.

ASA is also more temperature resistant than PLA or PETG, so no need to worry about sunlight exposure or leaving it in a hot car during the summer.

Here is a CE Magnum and a lower forearm piece made from random PLA. This was just a scaling and printing test, but helps me convince myself that the project is totally feasible.


Visor will eventually be vacuum-formed, and undersuit pieces will be EVA foam, as I got discouraged from printing too much in TPU from knowing how ungodly hot it would get to wear multiple large TPU pieces.

Everything is still in flux and things might change, but here I go on my first armor-journey.
Another update; I’ve finished the forearms and hand-plates of both arms. See previous update for a picture of how that looks.

I am also considering adding a phone holder to my left forearm, reminiscent of this picture that I found online

It seems like it’d be super useful to have my phone easily accessible, since the gloves I have selected have a few fingers with touch-screen usage.

Another amazing thing is that MoeSizzlac, one of the greatest 3D modellers of the 405th, the same person who made the original Mark IV files that i’m using for this build, has confirmed that he is working on Omega team/Infinite Mark IV? on the 405th discord; alas, I am waiting with printing any further armor-pieces because getting an updated version would be even more sick.

In the meantime, I am preparing a vacuum-forming machine at home for the visor, looking into various attachments for the armor and generally getting an idea of the color-scheme, detals and details that I want.

The plan is to add in some pouches, maybe a chest-plate knife and generally customize the armor a bit, think Halo Reach Noble 6 Concept Art as seen below but with a Mark IV/Omega Team base.

Can’t wait to get further into the build, good luck to y’all out there!

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