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First post First build

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Lyhtem, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Greetings to you all.

    Recently I have started my first project, which is Midwestern brotherhood of steel power armour. i extracted 3d model from fallout 3 mod and started downscaling it using blender and metasequoia. although i just hit the wall which is unfolding. I still end up with small 1 "face" pieces and no matter how hard I try I end up messing it even more than it was in the beginning.

    Is there any trick to unfolding? or someone with more skill could do it?

    For now it looks like this :) pep.png
  2. ErMaC


    There is no real trick or short cut to unfolding. It takes a lot of time. Took me 20 hours to unfold the halo reach commando helmet. Take your time with it. Try to unfold it on a laptop so you can relax on the couch. It also helps to take the color off of the design.

    - - - Updated - - -

    But if you want I'll finish it for you. It will take some time. Send me the file davidnicklas@ymail.com
    I'll send it back after its finished
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  3. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Ok so by trial and error i foud out how to unfold complicated models. yay:) right now i`m waiting for my 250g/m cardstock and I can start printing it. I`l update this thread as i progress. I hope that some Fallout fans will be interested after im done:) ohh and one more thing :) sry for my english :)

    Materials that I`ll use:

    Cardstock 250g/m
    Polyester resin
    Polyester putty
    Hobby modelling glue
    80 to 300 grit paper if needed 3000 grit water paper
    allot of time:)

    Method: poly resin on top then "rondo" since i live in Poland i have to use substitute of bondo putty and poly resin. after that some poly putty

    PS: After im done ill start preping classic M72 GAUSS RIFFLE
  4. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    I`ll send it as soon as i`m back home although (at least in my opinion) i`m nearly done still got some problems with small pieces in curvy places but im getting there:)

    PS: i noticed that it is better to "Cut" in horizontal stripes Pepakura tends to unfold them betten that pieces that are cut vertically
  5. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Things just got real:)

    here`s my Brotherhood of steel jumpsuit (cap is getting done) and my helmet pep printed :)

    as soon as helmet is assembled I`ll post more pictures
  6. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    AND... FIRST pieces glued together:D:D
  7. Benton188


    Nice looking jumpsuit, and man does that look like a difficult helmet to put together lol
  8. realmasterchief

    realmasterchief Jr Member

    Love fallout, good luck with the build buddy :)
    I tried unfolding a few bits the other day and became loss very quickly :-(
  9. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Thanks and yeah it is hard some of the bits are 2mm wide and 2 to 5 cm long allot of curves and hard to acces areas i think thats the reason why noone did it before

    It was hard bud i did it somehow:D and i had to downscale it face by face verticle by verticle to make it look as it should look original was around 5000 faces after i was done around 2000 faces which gave me around 1200 parts to glue:D anyway it looked like that two days ago :D

  10. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    And some updates:D
    a 2014-12-10_08-51-32_684.jpg
  11. m00sem4n


    That file looks like a doozy, you're doing great so far though :thumbsup
    Been too long since I played Fallout, almost didn't recognize it o.o haha
  12. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Yeah it does:) although it`s fun to glue all those small pieces hopefully i`ll be done in a day or two:)
  13. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Few details left to glue and First Midwestern Brotherhood power armor helmet EVER made is done:D
  14. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    2015-01-11_23-00-39_622.jpg 2015-01-12_00-19-31_0.jpg 2015-01-12_00-19-37_424.jpg 2015-01-12_00-19-42_987.jpg 2015-01-12_00-19-47_162.jpg

    And there it is bigsmile.png First Time EVER made Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel advanced power armour helmet bigsmile.png

    Unfortunately resining will be postponed due to weather and temperature outside as most of resins and bondo need at least 15 degrees (celcius) and right now it`s 3 smile.png Anyway now I`ll start building chest and shoulders bigsmile.png after that legs and arms smile.png

    Attached Files:

  15. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Well long time no see bigsmile.png although it`s been a verry busy time for me since im running two projects at one and the other one is nearly done bigsmile.png so here are some updates on my helmet bigsmile.png

    Attached Files:

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  16. Raigal


    damn, that looks pretty epic
  17. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    so how does it look after second layer of resin??

  18. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Looking pretty rad :)
  19. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    here how it looks right now biggrin.png still allot of work to doo biggrin.png Zdjęcie0665.jpg

    Attached Files:

  20. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    Sometimes its good to unburry the thread:) so i managed to learn some new SKILLLZ and VOILA

    also will make Gauss Riffle from fallout 2 :)

    TurboCharizard likes this.
  21. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Welcome back! I'm glad to see some more Fallout goodies around the forum.
  22. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    ohhh theres lots more:)

  23. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    some upgrades printed :) nearly there

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  24. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    All these Fallout goodies, ain't that a kick in the head.
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  25. Lyhtem

    Lyhtem Member

    uuu nice one:) there's few more, there's couple more i`m working on or will be working on:) trying to get as many classic weapons from F2 as possible
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