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FMA Alphonse soul armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zacic, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    after much pouring over all kinds of references Im pretty sure I have the correct sizing for the shoulders......pretty sure...I hope. I have the left one completed and just started the right one, im leaving the spikes out because they are a waste of time and will be easier to make out of foam or something like that.


    on a side note I have Nintendudes permission to send out the files to people if they want them, I have altered files for the size that works for me if your 5" 10' with broad shoulders.
  2. Ocheeboy11

    Ocheeboy11 New Member

    Hmm, I might take you up on that offer. Do u have Pepakura designer payed for to save the proportion changes?
    If so, send them to Ocheeboy@aol.com
    Its kinda funny, I was gonna ask for you to record your scaling since you have a similar build to mine.
  3. Metalfire


    That's looking awesome! Can you send them to me as well? drtxr100@cox.net Thanks!
  4. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    My brother told me, to tell you if you want to put the files for the suit and the password is FMA "I think" quoting him. That's fine, it will save time compared to sending the files to each person.
  5. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

  6. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    Actually I'm wrong on the password, it's actually 72110. My bad.
  7. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    I was just going to say that, Ill release the files for my size, 5"10' as a batch once Ive figured them all out.

    as for the last few days the progress has been slowed by work and what not so I really only have about half of the other shoulder pad pep'd


    plus I ran outta glue so that kind of throws a wrench in the works until I get more.
  8. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    more glue = more progress, well atleast a bit of progress.

    Finished both shoulders, minus the spikes Ill add later
    tweaked the underside of the newest one so that it was easier to put together, may redo the other one the same way

    and I dont need to explain this one because it just looks so awesome! lol
  9. Ocheeboy11

    Ocheeboy11 New Member

    Progress looks great, and gave me some pointers my future build. Also, thanks for offering to put the resized files up, that looks like it will be a great help
  10. Spartan 213

    Spartan 213 Jr Member

    Ha that looks like a position he was in, in fma
  11. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Finished sizing both shoulder bells and really messed around with the arms, they are not made to be worn by any humans Ive ever seen, the games designers must have just winged it with them. So i sized them to the right scale for my arm and added on extra to make it work.

    I added about a half inch to the top and split it so it gave my arm more room.
  12. Spartan 213

    Spartan 213 Jr Member

    Lookin good just imagine walking around in that it be so hard to move your arms eh


    Awsome got to build this by the way do you know if ed's mech arm has been turned into pepfile with blade
  14. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    That bust of Al is just mindblowing awesome. Only thing it's missing is just the spike on the head and shoulders. btw my bro got his site up now. It's http://www.pepakuraindex.weebly.com yeah I know it's a bit long, when his taxes come in it's changing to where the weebly is'nt in there.
  15. Spartan 213

    Spartan 213 Jr Member

    Yay thnx for the link Deus Ex keep up the good work Zacic
  16. rancor1


    i would love these files. jake@costumedheroes.com
  17. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    You can find the files in that link I posted on page 4.
  18. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Thanks guys!, I edited the first post so theres no need to hop around the pages looking for links, and Im still sizing the arms so keep watch!!
  19. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    lots of work done on the left arm this week.....well a lot when you look at what had to be done

    The forearm I altered a bit but mostly at the top, widening the hole so my arm could fit but keeping the correct shape

    mock up on the rest of the suit

    the elbow pep is pretty off, the model it was ripped from must of had some cloth detail or something, because compared to the anime its really off, SO I used about half of it and just free handed the correct shape.
  20. Metalfire


    I'm really liking how this is looking so far! the elbow looks complex, and good job free handing parts of it!
  21. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    @ Metalfire: Thanks! but the elbow isnt really that complex, its just a double joint hinge really, and I think a lot of this is going to be free handed so Im glad its looking good so far.

    Progress wise ive been a bit lazy over the weekend due to work but I did get the other arm pepped, minus the elbow, and its looking really good so far!, I know right now it will take 2 people to put on hehe, but hopefully wihen its finished Ill have an easier time getting it all on.
  22. Iron Monger

    Iron Monger Member

    Col Armstrongs Accent, "Wow, such a thing of beauty. I admire you're dedication and honour to build such a big project. This reminds me of the perfect sculpted muscles I took so long to perfect. Do the Strongarm family proud!"


    Seriously though, this was the first anime I ever really got into. Didn't know there were peps as good as this out there. Def doing the helmet. Keep it up dude!
    Aya likes this.
  23. TheBearMan

    TheBearMan Member

    Thats one serious project you have taken on there, but i have to say it looks amazing thus far!

    Pep looks great, keep up the good work!!
  24. LilTyrant


    Looks super cool so far. He's such an awesome character for a build!
  25. Sepheus 13

    Sepheus 13

    seeing how this was my first anime I ever got into I'm really glad to see you and your progress on this!

    Good luck with the rest! :D

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