FMA Alphonse soul armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zacic, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Metalfire


    That is one heck of a beastly awesome picture! lol
  2. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    heheh I wont disappoint! Im working on the thigh armor now, right side, its not complexed but man does it take a while to pep it :p
  3. Masterkiro34

    Masterkiro34 New Member

    Huge fan of FMA. Gonna be watching this for sure!
  4. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Sooooo I took a long hard stare at my armor and I started to think that its going to take a long long long time to get the armor to the way I want it so I opted out for foam!!! I already transfered the front of the right leg to foam, I flattened out the pep and traced it and it looks great!!
  5. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    aww no love for the foam? well TO BAD! :p , cause its just so damn great to work with!!! I decided to do one of the gauntlets next and i have the right one almost done, its crazy rigid, I just need to find some paint that will flex a little, maybe latex??

    heres the foam gauntlet semi finished
    a compare shot of the two, makes the armor look really beefy like in the anime

    and it still fits like a "glove"

    hope to get one entire arm done asap!
  6. Metalfire


    I don't blame you for switching over to foam lol. It's looking good so far! Anyone that disagrees bonk them on the head! Alphonse is the man!
  7. CoolC

    CoolC Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about the same. Making Alphonse using Pep is quite an impossible task. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  8. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    I wouldnt say impossible but it would take an insane amount of bondo and sanding, and unless I molded all the parts it would be really heavy because of all the bondo. I just need to find some thinner foam to make the helmet out of, like yoga mats or something, I wonder what they use for the mass effect suits where they have the thin parts?
  9. CoolC

    CoolC Well-Known Member

    I know yoga mats are thinner than EVA foam, but I don't think it can hold on to the shapes though. Don Robert, I believe he is from Philippines, make insane costumes. He uses some kind of rubber that I don't think we can find here. Hope this helps.!)
  10. thorn696


    Looking good. From what I've read use EVA foam for the large bulky parts and foamie's for the small detail work. Or if you can get it, Micro-cell foam. I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes out.
  11. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    oooh wow thats good! Id love to find the stuff he is using, Im heading out tomorrow to look at different materials, floor mats, yoga stuff, and general rubber stuff to use, Id like to find something around 5mm for the helmet and some thinner stuff to add details to the armor parts, I really need to find some paint I can use that will flex a bit.
  12. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Well I found the perfect stuff for the helmet, its about 5mm, half the thickness of the normal stuff and its still has the same strength! Its actually just the same stuff but I got a lot of it, about 9 ft by 4 ft.
  13. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    So I got a bit of progress done with the new half thickness foam, I started with the helmet

    I re pep'd all the parts, making sure they all lay flat, then traced them out on the foam

    then I cut out all the parts and started assembly......then I got a text to go see the new Underworld movie and off I went lol, BUT i got back in time to work on it a bit more and got most of the front finished


    still fits like a glove
  14. Saber


    Is it okay that I laugh because from what I see, your hair is the same as Alphonse's? haha
    Great work so far!
    I can't wait for more!

  15. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    hehehe I didnt even notice! I guess thats a plus if I have to take the helmet off.

    I didnt get much work done though, ive been jumping around the forum trying to figure out the best way to seal and paint this once its finished, are there any tut out there on foam yet that goes over the process?
  16. CoolC

    CoolC Well-Known Member

    I cannot recall if there is any tutorial on this subject. The real concern with foam is that it is flexible. Flexing will crack the paint (if the paint sticks at all). Foam also soaks up a lot of paint. To seal foam, I used Plasti-Dip. It prevents the foam to soaks paint and it holds paint really well. You can get Plasti-Dip at Lowes.

    Here is the torsos I completed using Plasti-Dip.
  17. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    aaaaah! many many thanks CoolC, I love the look of that torso and your kids costumes are quite excellent! I think ill look around for something to fill the small gaps and shape it a little.

    my plan right now for "finishing the armor" is to heat shape it all into the correct shape, then rough up the insides of all the parts and using silicon spread a thin coat over the entire area, then ill add my straps and snaps to hold it all together by first gluing them to wire mesh, then embedding that mesh in the silicon, which will hold much like re-barb in concrete. once the silicon sets up it will help hold the foam rigid but flex with it and the straps and snaps will have a fair amount of give to them.
  18. ownedkapoo


    Do you think your one of first to make this type of armor? If I were you I'd be proud.
  19. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    If your talking about the FMA armor then Id have to say yes, as being as screen accurate....if you can even be screen accurate with a possible. I have seen 2 other FMA armor costumes and they have both been pretty poor. I hope that I find some helpful tips working on mine, such as the silicon method I talked about, I hope that works!!
  20. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Well I "finished" the foaming of the helmet, needs some glue in some spots and a few final adjustments but its getting there, It doesnt look like a lot of work but I swear it took 5 hours just to get back to go together.

  21. J326


    wow that is some really clean foam work. GOOD JOB!
  22. zacic

    zacic Jr Member

    Thanks, I owe it to my ceramic kitchen knife, cuts through it like butter!

    not too much progress today really, just had time enough to start taking apart the torso in the biggest parts possible that I can flatten.

  23. FrostyTheSnowMan

    FrostyTheSnowMan Jr Member

    you had better finnish this. i am most definately making this after supernova (australian comic-con dealio) in late april.
  24. vigge42

    vigge42 New Member

    nice! i have this file on my pc i need to build it soon!

    i am also a HUGH fma fan :D
  25. Daphonic

    Daphonic New Member

    I'm looking at starting to Do this Build Fiberglass/Bondo style.

    You state that you use 15.5 ratio for Head and Chests. You are 5"10, I'm 6'2" Do you feel there is enough room for me with 15.5 or should i go to 15.75?

    What all pieces did you papercraft that just did not work out, and need to be Moded?

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