1st Build Foam Halo 3 ODST Build


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Alright, we've got some shins, and even a bit of a thigh. Shins are pretty snug, and maybe a tad bit too short, but I can bend my knees, crouch, and sit in them fine which is the important part. I was a bit scared that they might start coming apart, but Shoe Goo is pretty amazing stuff, and I've taken them on and off quite a few times now without showing any signs of wear.

IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1131.jpg

I also remade the kneecaps on the shins. I deliberately simplified the first attempt but after finishing them and taking a look at some more reference photos, I decided to redo them. While not a dramatic difference, the new knees do look more "complete" to me.

IMG_1203.jpg IMG_1204.jpg

And the start of one of the thighs. I'm planning to use some elastic on the inner thigh pieces for some extra flexibility (particularly for when I'm sitting). I'm also aware that the pep/foam files for the thighs are a little whacky and don't quite line up with how they should be, so it might take a bit of time to get it right.

(the knees haven't been glued on yet, that's why they look a little crooked - they're just pinned in place)

I feel a bit of burnout coming on, so I might take it a bit slow for the next bit, or switch gears and work on another one of the weapons. Thanks to everyone here and on the Discord for all the support and tips so far!


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Haven't been very motivated lately, I'm still working on the thighs. I've made a couple attempts at the inner thigh pieces and haven't been very successful. Anybody have any tips?
I did the whole wrap the leg in cling wrap and Duct tape routine. I then put on the thigh armour and traced out the rough shape of the inner thigh. Then drew out the pattern from there.