Foam Halo Infinite Mjolnir MK VII Helmet WIP


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Hello Everyone! This is one of my first few posts and I just wanted to put a couple of the projects I am currently working on out there! This is a MK VII helmet from the multiplayer of halo infinite (and now MCC) made out of foam using templates created by other amazing creators and 3D modelers that brought super accurate halo infinite foam templates to the masses! It is currently unpainted and unsealed but I hope to update this thread as I make more progress!
From what I can tell the top of the helmet sits slightly off-kilter which I hope to fix with a heat gun in the future.
This photo was before the air vents were made yet.


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Wow - I still get blown away at the awesome things people are able to make out of foam. That is one amazing bucket!


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Could you link me the files you used to create this? I want to make my own but I'm never sure if I find the right thing. Awesome job, cant wait to see more. Cheers


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Hello! I’m pretty new when it comes to using these forums so I apologize if this link doesn’t work, the “Attach Files” wouldn’t allow me to put in the original but here is the URL to the one I used. let me know if this works, if it doesn’t I will try to find another way to put it in. Hope this helps!
Also just wondering what thicknesses of foam you used for the build. Just so I have an idea on what to use

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