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i was wondering on the forum to make it more lively Can you add mabe a music player on the forum on the top or side.Mabe some halo music :p.
why dont you just listen to your own music on itunes or something? having a music play imbedded into the forums would be aggrivating because everyone would have to turn it off every time they come on the forums because it would interfere with there own music. and it would restart every time you changed the page, or went to a different forum.
Would be hard for those of us at work to mask our "other non work related tasks" heh. :p
Myabe we should put in a auto filter so people will post the topics in the right place :/.

Moved to General Discussion :/ .

As for the Music Player, Wether you could pause it or not, I would think it would be somewhat hard to imbed to the forum itself. Otherwise, it would just get annoying to look at or it would just interfere with those just trying to browse the forums.

Overall, Bad Idea.

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