Fox News Covers "Internetz and Epic Lulz" as a Sto

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Sean Bradley

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Sucks completely.

All things contained suck... haxxors.. people who can't defend themselves.. bad reporting.

Thanks for sharing! :mrgreen:


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The guy was making that up, his girlfriend didn't leave him because of that. Anon isn't a terrorist group. They just rejected his idea to start a war with Halo fans, so he hacks HIMSELF making it look like he was a victim.

honest insanity

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You know that if you really pissed someone off that bad i mean if your 60 years old wth did you do? lol Half of it is their own fault. It takes a certanin level of technological stupidity to get "hacked" if you are familiar with where you are on the web and where NOT to go, your odds of getting hacked are what?....extremely minimal lol.
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