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Agreed with MoeSizzlac, your work is great J0sephAguilar but if you have any links to a website making sales you're better creating a thread in the Marketplace section of the forums. If you were to make those models free for download to all 405th members then it can be listed in the index.


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Any way anyone could make a pilot helmet? Specifically the one used for Haunted. I thought there was a file around for it but I was wrong. Thanks!
You mean like this?



or something with more detail?


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My bad, by Haunted variant I meant like the forehead attachment it has, not the full skull haha. If the helmet were possible with a little more detail minus the skull then it would be perfect.
Would you happen to have a picture of what you are looking for? It may help me if I can put it together easily or not.


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That looks great, the visor would be able to be a separate piece right?
Updating for Halo Reach Pilot and Haunted Pilot Skull Helmets:




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Updating for Halo Reach Pilot and Haunted Pilot Skull Helmets:

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You are amazing as always man. Thanks so much


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Brother your amazing. You are awesome and give so much time to making models. No when is the armor coming to match the helmet lol