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Oh my.. I am very honored! But you have begun running from where I crawled, clearly. I will definitely be getting back into the builds soon here and this will take all of the complicated work off my plate!
He's Back!!!!!

Hey, do you have a detailed version of this? I am looking for a really good version of this that won't cost me an arm and a leg, and hopefully 3d printable. I can't seem to find good files anywhere on the internet for a good Reach Recon.
PM me some pictures that have more detail that you are looking for. I'll update the model when I get a chance.


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Hello all,

I'm looking for some printable files for the Halo wars Mk IV armor as seen in Halo wars 2. I've seen the current armor that is available but i was wondering if there would be a way to get some more accurate files.

Looking closely at the files converted from pepakura to 3d printing they are segmented, especially in the legs which caused some inaccuracies between the models and game.

Are there any game assets out there that can be converted to 3d print?



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Updating for Halo Reach Marine Armor: Halo Reach - Marine Armor - Low Definition by moesizzlac





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Halo 2 Anniversary ODST

Tahu505 and myself worked on getting these all modeled up and ready for 3d printing for Islandhopper. There should be helmet, visor buck for vacuum forming, headlamp, chest piece, knife handle for back of chestpiece, shoulder, kneecap, right shin, back of shin.

It may take a day for the files to fully load on thingiverse's sight, but in a days time they should all be there!

was glad to help on this and work with you guys! cheers!


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Updating for Halo 5 - Helioskrill Helmet: Halo 5 - Helioskrill Helmet by moesizzlac
I know it's been 3 years since Ziebster has been on but this took a lot less time for me to do because of the work he began.

View attachment 289684
View attachment 289685

I am trying a remix of this file, adding some more details.
Designs seen in game footage from beta or the finished game or even concept art vary a little, i am going in the direction of Kory Hubbells artwork.
Not sure if this will print, at this point it still has some issues because i am working over an stl. which is not a good idea at all.
Thanks again for providing these files Moe!
Helioskrill remix.png
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*I put this in the wrong thread....*

I have someone looking for a 3D printable Halo 2 shotgun model. Does anyone have one/know where to find one etc etc.


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Moesizzlac has a version of it on Thingiverse:


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I previously post some models here, and it was pointed out to me that this was for "free" models. Sorry for the confusion, I will start a separate thread for anyone interested
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Thought this would be a great place to post about my ODST Helmet, M45 Shotgun, Kukri Knife, ODST Pistol, ODST SMG, and Halo 5 Magnum.
All the models are designed for ease of printing/painting/assembly.
Below I will include a basic description and all the links for the article that shows all the features of each model as well as the store page where you can get the models for yourselves

ODST Helmet:
View attachment 297664
Major Features

Simple Two Piece Design

The helmet itself is comprise of a front and back piece. The back piece doesn't require supports while the front only supports internally meaning that you should have a nice smooth print on the outside. This of course always depends on your print settings, more than likely both pieces will still benefit from supports.

The model also contains two alignment pins that allow for easy alignment and glueing of the pieces together.

Visor Insert Features

The inside of the helmet features Guides to hold the visor in place. While the visor can sit on these alone I would recommend a low strength glue or tape to help fasten hit while still allowing you to remove the visor.

Sizing Ring

Model includes a sizing ring to help you scale the helmet to fit over your head. Sizing ring is a equal to the size of the throat of the helmet so make it so you can fit your whole head through without slicing your ears off.

Full Visor Resin Kit

This model includes a full kit to help you make a rubber mold capable of casting a resin visor. A resin visor in and of itself will have some reflective properties while more importantly allow you to make the visor see-through and a color of your choice. It also allows for more complex geometries than vacuum forming and makes for a sturdier visor. The visor, baseplate, and mold shell all fit together to ensure that the the model only requires a minimal amount of rubber. The less rubber required, the less it costs and the more reusable the mold and easier the demolding process. Model also features a mold stand so that you can ensure the mold can be filled to the top without deformation when you pour in the resin.

Visor Resin Volume: 91.7 mL

Visor Rubber Mold Volume: 391.3 mL

Emile's Knife:
View attachment 297665
Major Features

Simplistic, Support Free Design

This is a great prop for starters. The only supports required are a minuscule amount on the inside of the handle. The blade slides into the handle and is further stabilized by the connecting rod. As with all of my props, the tolerances allow for secure assembly without sanding or filing.

M45 Shotgun:
View attachment 297666
Seamless, Modular Design

As you can see this model includes a lot of parts. This was done to minimize the overall supports required (as almost all of the parts can be printed support free) and make the painting and sanding process easier. This also allows this entire piece to have no ugly seams anywhere that they don't naturally lie in actual design.

Working Flashlight Ring Clamps

This piece also includes some flashlight rings that screw together to clamp the placeholder flashlight in place. The place holder flashlight was modeled roughly after a flashlight I found in real life (found in a park so I don't have a link). If like me you want to include a working flashlight in the design. Feel free to try and design your own flashlight rings using the included ones as reference. Or just print some simple rings to make your flashlight fit in the existing ring clamps. Also feel free to message me and I may be able to do you a solid.

ODST Pistol:
View attachment 297667
Major Features

Sliding Receiver

The back half of the receiver slides back and springs forward just as it does in game. The hooks there can easily support a tensional spring or a small rubber band. The tolerances on the inside of this piece are also slightly larger to allow it to actually slide along the grooves. The front half of the receiver features guiding grooves that make sure that the back half only slides backwards and forwards. Similarly, the root of the slide is angled so that no supports are required to be printed above or around the hook.

Removable Magazine

This design features a removable magazine w/ separate bullet (easier to paint), that can actually be seen in the correct position when the slide is back. The magazine slides in easily but there currently is not mechanism to hold it in place. A little bit of double sided tape or folded tape should easily hold it in place while still allowing it to be removable as opposed to a permanent glue solution. Also if you print multiple you can have them all loaded into your ODST ammo pouches and isn't that just the coolest?

Flashlight Compatibility

The flash light in this pistol includes two pieces, a placeholder flashlight and the flashlight attachment. This is done because the placeholder flashlight is based on a keychain flashlight i found on Amazon small enough to fit into this pistol. The design allows this flashlight to be inserted and activated by just twisting the end as the back of the flashlight is locked in place by the attachment.

Modular, easy to print design

As shown in the assembly picture, this print was sliced in such a way that all seams are hidden along where they would naturally lie, so there is no awkward lines to cover up on the end product. Similarly, minimal support are required, with the only major supports required (depending on your bridging) being on the grip and receiver slide. While the design allows for mix and matching, one should definitely glue the pieces together once you decide as the pegs are not too long and will most likely not support the whole print and are mostly meant for alignment and testing out different configurations. I go into one exception later on in the "Builds" section.

Halo 5 Magnum:

View attachment 297668
Major Features

Modular Design

The design of this pistol is such that most of the parts hold themselves in place without the need for glue, this allows for plenty of fun mix and matching. This is of course provided your printer is calibrated correctly. Even so a little glue never hurt once you find your preferred configuration/paint job.

This model makes it so that a majority of the places that require supports end up being hidden upon assembly, so those rough surfaces will be covered. This makes for a much less stressful post print process.

Flashlight Compatibility

The flash light in this pistol includes two pieces, a placeholder flashlight and the flashlight attachment. This is done because the placeholder flashlight is based on a keychain flashlight i found on Amazon small enough to fit into this pistol. The design allows this flashlight to be inserted and activated by just twisting the end as the back of the flashlight is locked in place by the attachment.
While your designs are, without a doubt, fantastic, I don't believe they fall under the "free" 3D model index category. Thank you for sharing them though.

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