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Oh my.. I am very honored! But you have begun running from where I crawled, clearly. I will definitely be getting back into the builds soon here and this will take all of the complicated work off my plate!
He's Back!!!!!

Hey, do you have a detailed version of this? I am looking for a really good version of this that won't cost me an arm and a leg, and hopefully 3d printable. I can't seem to find good files anywhere on the internet for a good Reach Recon.
PM me some pictures that have more detail that you are looking for. I'll update the model when I get a chance.


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Hello all,

I'm looking for some printable files for the Halo wars Mk IV armor as seen in Halo wars 2. I've seen the current armor that is available but i was wondering if there would be a way to get some more accurate files.

Looking closely at the files converted from pepakura to 3d printing they are segmented, especially in the legs which caused some inaccuracies between the models and game.

Are there any game assets out there that can be converted to 3d print?




Halo 2 Anniversary ODST

Tahu505 and myself worked on getting these all modeled up and ready for 3d printing for Islandhopper. There should be helmet, visor buck for vacuum forming, headlamp, chest piece, knife handle for back of chestpiece, shoulder, kneecap, right shin, back of shin.

It may take a day for the files to fully load on thingiverse's sight, but in a days time they should all be there!

was glad to help on this and work with you guys! cheers!


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Updating for Halo 5 - Helioskrill Helmet: Halo 5 - Helioskrill Helmet by moesizzlac
I know it's been 3 years since Ziebster has been on but this took a lot less time for me to do because of the work he began.

View attachment 289684
View attachment 289685

I am trying a remix of this file, adding some more details.
Designs seen in game footage from beta or the finished game or even concept art vary a little, i am going in the direction of Kory Hubbells artwork.
Not sure if this will print, at this point it still has some issues because i am working over an stl. which is not a good idea at all.
Thanks again for providing these files Moe!
Helioskrill remix.png
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*I put this in the wrong thread....*

I have someone looking for a 3D printable Halo 2 shotgun model. Does anyone have one/know where to find one etc etc.


Very tempted by that helmet. I want to have a collection of Halo Reach helmets to swap around with my suit once its done


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By request of marinesniper i did a hollow version of my Cortana data chip.

Chip hollow.jpg

there is some space now for electronics ( USB port maybe?) and transparent/ opaque sheets to hide LEDS...
Check the proportions yourself and scale as you see fit.


Chip hollow.stl
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