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Whats that i spot in my room?

I made the GoW logo on a Lanolium tile 3x3 then printed it on my wall corner(not the greatest print its made)and made a pattern on a pair of boxers( pic of them later)

Any one else do anything fun around the house? :dee:
Spartan 021 said:
made a pattern on a pair of boxers( pic of them later)

I think we're good. ;-)

looks cool man. I painted 28:06:42:12 above my room window.
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now i want to paint my room :( i still have glow in the dark lighting bug wallpaper in my room form like when i was 5 XD, its freaking awesome, good job by the way i love it.
Does throwing Ninja Stars into my wall count? I used to do that, but I stopped after my wall got painted. Now I use my tree. :mrgreen: Although I don't quite know where my Ninja Stars are, and it's a little cold outside.
that sounds like fun, and it is cold, and there is snow out lots of it, all my room has is a ton of posters, a sword, couple daggers, and a ton of legos..........well half a ton
my room did have posters and lots of kool stuff then i moved in with my girl i couldnt put them up but slowly im putting stuff up right now i have a place where my snakeeyes gear is above my tv
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