Gamescom 2022

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405th Regiment Officer
Allright I know this is a bit late but this is more of a look what we have done thread.

Earlier this year I responded to a social media post of a PC hardware vendor, they planned a Halo Infinite themed PC mod and I thought they maybe could use a few of us for a Photoshoot or whatever they planned. Months passed until I got a response but boy was that response spicy. It turned out they were more than happy to have a few of us to unveil the thing on gamescom.
As it happens we also have a good relationship with the german speaking Xbox team and they invited a few of us to their Fanfest as well, by this point as usual...
So on gamescom wednesday evening the present members had a blast as you can see:
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-08 at 15.44.01.jpegWhatsApp Image 2022-09-08 at 15.44.02.jpeg

Then Friday came where the PC would be released. By this point I knew AMD (yes that AMD) was the main sponsor and we would be on a stage, but boi did I underestimate the size. It was huge.
We arrived on time and got to change in our own little backstage room, equipped with a mini fridge and a fruitbasket:
then the moment of truth came, Getting on stage, rolling out their expensive casemod while looking cool despite all the stage fright.
We in 405th fashion managed of course and we recieved a couple of really cool pictures from AMD:

That was not all tho. There was a mini halo infinite tournament. First match was 3v3 where two of us were in a team with a influencer. One of those was a TV personality that I personally was a big fan of when I was younger so this was a huge bucket list item crossed of my list.
The other two matches were randomly picked viewers with the influencers. Best players by score of each match won a RX 6900 XT in the limited to 117 pieces halo design.
Well guess who did not think one of us could win because we were invited or that we would win with helmets on...
This is Kemnios or how the twitch chat appropriately called him "Gigachad" :)
The best player got a full brand new Gaming PC, which went to a lucky viewer.
If you want to watch the whole thing there is a twitch recording, our part starts somewehre after 1h 20m :
After the stage show we stood around the casemod for pictures next to the stage for a bit.
This thing is massive. 40" rotating curved screen, custom Waterloop with forerunner themed waterplate in the front and crazy hardware in general.
All things considered this was a surreal experience for all but everybody went home happy and with a new pair of AMD themed chucks and a goodie bag.
Yay! My favorite 405th Division! I think Maxi and DACH Xbox loves you and you're always so welcome there. And thanks to you all being on FanFest makes it so much more fun for people in there.

That AMD event was so cool! Congrats to all of you. You looked so awesome and I totally understand the nervousness that comes with being on stage - but you all were awesome and looked so confident.
You made that presentation so amazing! And as a bonus you got some amazing photos too.

Gotta admit I love our European 405th. We have so many amazing people and cosplays. Not only Spartans but also ODSTs and Marines. Full package.

So proud of you, guys.

PS. Gotta admit this is the best and coolest PC I've ever seen.
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