Garrus EVA build (Pictures)


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Hello all

Zigzwag props here!

Before I get into things I would like to post up my affiliated pages. Feel free to follow along with all my Cosplay Shenanigans there :)

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Anyways, This project has been the largest undertaking that I have done. The last armor I did was the Andrew DFT REACH ODST, which basically was a step by step build, this one, is a Pepakura template from Alien Technology Studio. Not having the step by step guide has really been a challenge, but I feel as though I am keeping pace so far and really happy with the way things are going.

Project as it sits right now

(Holding my Mantis Sniper rifle that I have posted up in another thread. Still very much a WIP)

As it stands right now, I have the mask built, and a majority of the main body built, I had a bit of a setback that forced me to dissemble part of the torso armor (What a pain that was) but in the end it actually turned out for the better as the lines are much smoother now.

There is still so very much to do, thankfully I have quite a bit of time before the debute day at NYCC this year.

I think that probably the one thing that I am the most proud of right now is the mask itself. While it too is unfinished, I was happy with how the fully working jaw came together, I borrowed a few idea's from Rednebula's Garrus mask she did over on her webpage, I find having a mostly fully articulated mask will really set the costume to another level. as long as the fit and finish matches the work I have put in so far!

(here's hoping this video worked showing the articulation)

Anyways, I figured I was at a point that I finally had something to share! Hope you guys enjoy it.

Keep building!



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That's a cracking idea for the articulated jaw.

Yeah, I am actually pretty happy with the way that it's turning out so far, and how easily that it works. The Mandibles however, I am not too sure how I would be able to get them to articulate.

Here is a picture of the jaw and hat combo without the top of his head.