Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP, picture heavy. *updated/cleaned OP*


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Hi everybody!

I never really bothered to make a WIP thread, the work on my past projects was too intense and I didn't want (or couldn't) take the time to make this. Time time I'll give it a try, share progress and ideas with you guys. By the way you are all awesome and talented :$ For Montreal Comiccon this September, my friend and I will go as Carmine brothers. He is a very tall and muscular man and should be able to look good as Clayton :) So here it goes!

Most current pictures were taken with my cellphone and are not so good. Now that I am doing this, I will start using my camera ;)


I will now keep the opening post with the latest progress pictures to keep this thread clean and to make it easier to get to the point, as this is picture heavy.

Kickstarter campaign video about the Clayton Carmine helmet (to get a cast)
Kickstarter link


Clayton Carmine (for my friend)

Helmet done!

Chest piece

More info here

Anthony Carmine (my armor)

Helmet progress

Armor is done (or almost, I have to make a strapping system that actually works!)








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Peps used :



Clayton Carmine :



and I've just fiberglassed it! There's a small spot in the back where I'll have to add another layer, but for now I must say it's my best fiberglassed pep ever. Really really solid and no warping. Went well.


Anthony Carmine :

It was PAIN to build :eek



It seems I never took any real pictures of it, so here's what I have



I would REALLY like to resin my Anthony Carmine helmet, but the darn thing is warped! The way the helmet is made, the opening is way too big and it needs supports. I asked for help with that in the pepakura request topic, but no luck yet. I tried some stuff, but it's not working well. I really need it done on pepakura or something. I will try building the base of the helmet again to see if it's really an issue or my first build was just bad.

file : by agbates^6.pdo\?cid=e249016aec1fa138

For both helmets, I would like more than LEDs and fans. I have worked with some small flat 2W speakers before and they are really good. I’m thinking of installing one or two in each helmet underneath or between the padding and a microphone near the mouth (of course). I would wire them together just like any headset. Like I said, I am going with my friend. I would like a good communication system, so we could both have a walkie-talkie and plug it in there. I would plug my voice amp too. And finally, while wearing my masterchief helmet, I couldn't hear a thing. So I took a small voice recorder, fixed it inside my armor, wired it to a microphone hidden near my neck on the chest piece and plugued in some earphones. Worked like a charm and I am probably going to do that again. But earphones were an issue. They were really really not comfy in the helmet. The speaker would fix that problem :) I don’t think I will have enough time to do that, but maybe later I would make my own voice amp and figure a way to have one device instead of two (the voice amp and the voice recorder). Yeah, I like electronics ;)

Finally, there's something I would really want to do. It's pretty much why I chose to cosplay as Anthony Carmine. His helmet is perfect of almost perfect to include a video camera.

I could probably buy a motorcyle camera or something small like that and take if apart. It should be the same size as phone cameras, wich would fit. But I can't waste any money, I have to be sure. First thing first, but open to ideas/suggestions.



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*******ANTHONY CARMINE*******


These are pretty simple.. But it took me some time to get a shape I liked. It's not 100% accurate, they could be bigger, but I'm happy with the result.




pretty much ready for plastidip. Then I will install the straps.




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*******ANTHONY CARMINE*******


I am currently working on the boots. I've spent so many hours already! :angry

I started with old boots

Got a good base

Worked up a LOT of details. The sole is 3 layers of foam + the boot itself... it's comfy and it adds to my small height hehe

This is my first attempt at a shin piece. It took me a while just to finally give it a shot. I honestly had no idea what to do. It wasn't looking so bad, but it was a little bit too big and well, moving was not an option. We could easily see my real boot and that's NOT good.

I decided to add height to the boot so if the shin moves, the boot is still hidden.

.... aaaaaand I scraped that shin and went on to make my second one. I tried to give it some shape and I actually liked it. I just hate (sorry) GoW cosplayers who make a straight giant boot. It needs CURVES my friends! :D


Guess what. I threw it away again! It was way too big. It was nice, but out of proportions. My leg was really loose in it, that's how big it was. So I made a new shin. way smaller. Sadly I had to ditch the curves a bit or it would have been too big again. Not as good looking, but the size was good. So I made two and went on with it.

Started detailing one... I spent a lot of hours just for this. But hey, mesure twice cut once. Plus, the second one will be easier to do.

That's where I am now in my progress. Not much left to do on this one. It's not screen accurate though. YThe big grey part on the bottom of the shin is supposed to be smaller, but I changed so it covers the boot a little bit more.

The shin still moves way too much when I walk though... I am going to screw it to the boot. I won't be able to move as freely, but it's a sacrifice to make (it took me 3-4 shins to finally get that I can't make it stay in place).



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This is just a test I made, I don't think I will continue it I wanted to build a modular Gnasher in cardboard and then resin/bondo it. Yes, modular, so I could disassemble it for electronics or whatever and also, well, just for the process and the realism.

I started by making templates of each sections of the gun (they are assembled in this picture). Actually, this is the right one, this one was too small and I made the same thing but bigger. I just did not take any pictures.

Started to build it with layers...




And this is where I left it



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dang someone's been busy lol, they look awesome but what about Benjamin Carmine?
Yeah, pretty busy ;) There won't be a Ben build. We are two and that means two costumes only. And no way I would take my time and money for a third one ;) after these I'm going in the star wars universe.


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Today I finished detailing my shin (still one to go!). I'm happy with the result.

I made a hole each side so I can screw the shin to the boot :) I walked with it for about 10-15 minutes and it's pretty good.

Tonight I'll take a break, or at least take it slow. Next step is to complete the other shin. I would also really want to fix my helmet! But I'm not sure what to do.


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Those boots look SWEEEET!

Just a quick question, are they easy to get on / off.
Ie: Do the shoes on the inside still have the laces


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Those boots look SWEEEET!
Just a quick question, are they easy to get on / off.
Ie: Do the shoes on the inside still have the laces
Thank you! Yes they still have the laces, but it's not a big deal. I could have used more appropriate shoes for this, but I had these old boots that I wasn't using anymore. I just have to put the shin first, then the boot and finally screw them together. I've had worse ;)

I walked a little bit with both yesterday and I think they are great. The shins are just perfect. They are tight enough to look good, not like a previous one where my leg was floating in it, while still being "big boots gow style". Got the size right! But doing them freehand wasn't so easy :p


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My foam parts are still outside (plasti diped them, pictures soon) and I though it was time to focus on fixing this darn thing. I did not have any pictures of the warping, but trust me, it was HORRIBLE. Now look at this! Almost perfect. To anybody willing to make this helmet someday, I suggest you start with the bottom of the helmet and build supports like these, don't wait until the end. The rest of the helmet was already hard enough to make... I think I made maybe 20-21 peps in the past months and this one is almost harder than all of them combined (ok maybe not combined :p)





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Re: Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP

Yesterday I fiberglassed Carmine A (its shape could be a bit better :() and I started the bondo work on Carmine C.

(sorry for the bad picture)

Today the weather was bad so I started my chest piece. Not so sure where I'm going and how it will turn out... But I'm working on it




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Re: Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP

not a great picture (again), but after about 5 hours here's my progress with the clayton helmet


The "top" part of the helmet is almost done, maybe another hour of work and it's good. Then I'll move to the bottom part, which should be a problem either.



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Re: Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP

It's progressing very well. I should be finished or almost finished with the bondo tomorrow if everything goes right. I spent about 12 hours filling and sanding over 4 days. Not so bad.




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Re: Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP

Looks really good. I love the design with the boots :D


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Re: Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP

The clayton helmet is almost ready for detailing. After A LOT of sanding, there's still work to do to get it "perfect", but other than pin holes, it's starting to look good. I' going to show it to my friend and see how he likes it so far.


this is how it was before :)


I've also worked a little bit on my chest piece, but not much :p